Sign Up for Arc VII!


There is still a lot of work to be done. But, as promised, here is the sign-up link, which you’ll note has been posted before the end of May 16. Arc VII has officially begun!

You can interpret the lingering construction dust as an out-of-universe representation of the chaos going on in-universe: mere hours ago, Azir lifted the Sun Disc up from the sands, triggering armed conflict that only stopped when a League emissary rushed onto the scene a few minutes ago with an ink-still-wet Council dispatch ordering a temporary cease-fire. It’s entirely possible that you yourself were in Shurima until that time. And you’re telling me that you’re already staggering in, clutching your wounds, demanding to be taken to someone with a quill and Council seal-stamp so that you can complete your declaration paperwork?

What I’m saying is, if you sign up now, you’re officially a tryhard in-universe.

This is the NA signup doc. Other regions’ sign-ups are forthcoming.

Update: Summoners jrsciarabba and Shiisaa are officially tryhards. An ornery yordle with a Summoner name of CupcakeTrap grumbled something like, “What are you so excited about?” and “This isn’t going to end well, you know” while stamping their declarations, then tried to shoo them off, only to be asked if there wasn’t something he was forgetting. In response, Summoner CupcakeTrap scowled and dug through the cabinets to find some spellwords that hadn’t seen use since the Hextech Revolution. With a flash of sparks, the invocation turned the edging of their purple Summoners’ robes a dark yellow, symbolizing their allegiance to Piltover for the duration of this dispute. A question about whether this might be confused with the sand-yellow of Shurima, or for that matter with the standard gold edging of unaligned Summoners’ robes, resulted in a thrown bottle of ink.

Match Scoring

I’m working on the match submission form. In the meantime, here’s the essential information you need to collect:

  • The names of every Summoner on each team.
  • The date of the match.
  • The Match History link.
  • Entirely optional, though perhaps helpful: A lobby screenshot or LoLSkill screenshot.

You can save that as a text file, email it to yourself, or what-have-you. I realize that typing up everyone’s name is a bit of a pain, but the nice thing is that this makes us much less reliant on manual scoring, and obviates the need to take fussy LoL Nexus screenshots.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Sign Up for Arc VII!
  1. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    I wish Shiisaa would change his name back ;.;

  2. StormRevolver says:

    i like the new match submission :)



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