Register to vote for Champion pickups


Guys, Factions just got more exciting. It now includes the joys of voter registration. I know! Pretty intense, right?

Basically, I’d like to use a rank-order preference voting system for Champion pickups. The old way of doing it involves a bunch of checkboxes and such, and is really awkward and inaccurate when people have to decide between more than a few options. Instead, what we really want is to let people create a priority list. There’s a system that does this, but it requires email addresses to ensure only one vote per person. I have many email addresses from the signups, but I know not everyone puts their email in there.

The first Champion pickup poll will go up soon. To start with, please enter your Summoner name and email address here so that I can send you a ballot.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Register to vote for Champion pickups
  1. So uh, I got an email a few days ago to vote for Noxus, and I didn’t realize until I had voted…..^^; (I’m bad ik) so if there’s any way to change that u probably should

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