Second Tournament (Lines in the Sand)

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Matches streamed at

The second tournament of Lines in the Sand centers on Bel’zhun, which went from a tiny frontier town to a major city during the Hextech Revolution.

2015-07-16 - Shurima map revised
Shurima has driven Noxus back with a series of devastating victories, and the eastern front now runs through Bel’zhun. Collateral damage from the increasingly fierce fighting threatens Bel’zhun and the pyrikhos mining operations that sustain it. Zaunite security forces, forbidden from directly participating in the warfare by League decree, have taken up defensive positions around the pyrikhos mines, hextech weaponry hot and ready to fire. It seems the situation is one pull of a trigger from a new international crisis.

For weeks, the people of Bel’zhun have petitioned the League for aid, asking that governance of their city be resolved by League dispute before the vicious warfare destroys them. They speak not only of looters, but of the arcane violence that spreads through the city as Noxian and Shuriman sorcery clash. The League’s own mage-physicians warn that, combined with the large pyrikhos deposits nearby, this fighting is a recipe for a thaumic plague that could devastate Bel’zhun.

The motion was at last carried when reports came in that Zaunite corporate security forces were taking up positions on the borders of the mines, threatening through their techmaturgic megavox projectors to open fire on any trespasser of any nation. High Councilor Kolminye broke the deadlocked vote with an executive order setting the matter of Bel’zhun’s ownership for League dispute by grand tournament.

The victor of this tournament will not only take control of Bel’zhun, but will also thereby wield significant (though indirect) influence over the use of pyrikhosian technology within Shurima itself. Proponents of pyrikhosian hextech argue that its widespread deployment—a distinct possibility, now that Shurima is accruing sufficient wealth to afford to buy products powered by its own pyrikhos—could bring Shurima into a new age of prosperity. Opponents counter that pyrikhosian hextech, being closely tied to Shuriman magic itself, could damage the local arcanosphere and make the resurrection of traditional Shuriman magic more difficult.

It should be noted that the pyrikhos mines themselves are not part of this tournament. Rather, the tournament is for control over the city of Bel’zhun, where many of the miners live, and for initial authority to regulate the use of pyrikhosian hextech within the Shuriman region.

Tournament Structure

This tournament spans two weekends.

Preliminaries (August 15–16)

The tournament begins on the weekend of August 15–16, with a round of preliminary matches. Preliminaries focus on Silver and Bronze Summoners. Each match is scored as a Featured Match, i.e., with 50% greater base value than a pick-up match, and with no skill adjust. The faction that comes out of the Preliminaries with the best record is automatically locked for the finals.

The results from the preliminaries are below, sealed by an anti-spoiler enchantment. To lift the enchantment, apply a lux alta or similar “high-light” spell.

Piltover automatically advances to the finals.

Semi-Finals (August 22)

Semi-finals will be held on Saturday, August 22, as a best-of-three between the factions which did not secure a “bye” to the Finals through the first weekend. These matches will be configured with HHGGG tiers, i.e., with spaces for two Diamond or Platinum Summoners and three Gold Summoners. We will be using pre-arranged teams; any set of Summoners from any faction may put forward a team to participate in these matches.

Finals (August 23)

The Finals will be held on August 23, as a best-of-five between the winner of the Preliminaries and the winner of the Semi-Finals. The victor on this day will take the tournament.

Start Times

Matches will be streamed via hexcast to

The Semi-Finals, on Saturday August 22, start at 12:30 pm Pacific time. It will be a best of 3 matchup between Noxus and Shurima. The Finals, on Sunday August 23, start at 11:30 am Pacific time as a best of 5 matchup between Piltover (the winner of the Preliminaries) and the faction that comes out victorious in the Semi-Finals.


Roster Banner - Piltover

Carried by Demacia

Captain: Shiisaa           Co-Captain: HeavyWeaponsGuy

  • High: HeavyWeapons Guy
  • High: Kwon Ri Sae
  • Gold: 501st Big Mike
  • Gold: AbiwonKenabi
  • Gold: Wrath of Avarice

Roster Banner - Noxus

Something Something Noxus

Captain: PONCHOGRANDE      Co-Captain: Silencer Mage

  • High: evilshado1
  • High: Nhan
  • Gold: Drmigit2
  • Gold: USB Duckie
  • Gold: Yumuwasen

Roster Banner - Shurima

Embarrassing No Show (no team was submitted)

Captain: Lack of Existence      Co-Captain: If there’s not captain then how is there a co-captain

  • High Tiers: Somebody who can show up to the game, Someone else
  • Gold Tiers: A person who shows up, a summoner, person #5

Match Recordings

Discussion Threads

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  3. CupcakeTrap says:

    I burst out laughing when I saw Piltover’s team name. Well played, chaps.

  4. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    So Shurima is doin the Noxus thing. I’m flattered that they are copying us :)

  5. Sean Abbott says:

    so im pretty sure i will be able to play but with a new job not 100% will find out friday for sure

  6. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    Unfortunately, I still can’t do this tournament on Saturday because of work -.- On the bright side, this should be my last Saturday work.

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