The Return of World Systems

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Such fond memories.

Now that we have our opener, it’s time for world systems to go into effect. First, however, there is some background work and final community review to go before hand. In order to avoid over-saturation, World System details will be release in accordance with the below schedule.

The schedule for World System releases will be as follows:

8/26: Glossary and delegate nomination polls are posted. Shurima gets a poll to determine it’s soft strengths.

8/27: Military and Production are posted.

8/28: Commerce and Politics are posted. Delegate election polls are posted. Shurima’s strength poll ends. Faction soft strength decision polls are posted. Representative champion polls are posted.

8/29: Insight and Commerce are posted.

8/31: Politics and Espionage are posted. End date for discussion on WS docs at 8 PM PST. Delegate polls are ended. Soft Strength decision polls are ended.

9/1:Politics and Espionage discussion ends 5:00 PM PST. WS begins.

This post will be updated with links on the appropriate days.

Should everything go accordingly, we will officially begin World Systems next week.

UPDATE: I need more time to finalize politics/Espionage so I’m moving everything back one day.

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