September 5-6 Featured Matches – Noxus Weekend

Noxus Weekend

This weekend will be featuring Noxus. On Saturday they will play against Shurima, and on Sunday they will face Piltover. Standard Featured Matches points will apply.

A quick recap on the score of the Featured Matches so far:

Shurima –

  • Featured Matches won: 22
  • Best of 3 wins: 6

Piltover –

  • Featured Matches won: 17
  • Best of 3 wins: 6

Noxus –

  • Featured Matches won: 15
  • Best of 3 wins: 6

While everyone is tied on the number of days they were the overall winner, Shurima does have the lead in the number of total games won. Noxus is sitting in last, but does have the chance to take the lead with a powerful performance this weekend.


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7 comments on “September 5-6 Featured Matches – Noxus Weekend
  1. 501stbigmike says:

    Noxus may just auto-win when Shurima and Piltover don’t have any players.


    Due to crazy and unexpected internet issues with my new setup I can’t play the matches today and possibly tomorrow.

  3. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:

    Maybe for once I can actually play in a Noxus game on a Saturday lol.

  4. Kwon Ri Sae says:

    Actually, Noxus doesn’t have the ability to take the lead. Assuming they win all 6 games, they go from 15 to 21, still one game behind Shurima.

    While it can be argued they have more Bo3 wins if they sweep this weekend, its not like they catch up to Shurima :P

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