Arc VIII Prelude—The Right Weapon

Nyroth first look

As we approach the start of the eighth Factions arc, and vote to select that arc’s fourth faction, I’m pleased to share with you a story that’s both a bit of a Nyroth post-epilogue and a “sampler” presentation of each of Valoran’s major factions.

This story, The Right Weapon, follows a Nyrothian as he visits the League’s old Shopkeeper—


—in search of a weapon to carry with him on the many dangerous adventures that make up a Summoner’s life.

This was supposed to be a short snippet. I once again demonstrated my inability to count, or to realize that eleven “short snippets” adds up to a lot of writing. (I suppose this is a fitting, inadvertent, and somewhat painful tribute to Nyroth, the arc where we decided that there should be a bunch of islands to build lore updates around, and why not have ten islands, that’s a nice round number, let’s do ten islands.) But though it consumed a rather large amount of time, I had tons of fun writing it. Thanks to all the draft-readers and commenters who shared ideas for improving the piece. A special nod to Shadowknight1224, who essentially came up with the Icathian and Freljordian snippets.

If you enjoy it, I’d love to read your comments in the discussion thread.

Speaking of the factions of Valoran, don’t forget to cast your vote for the fourth faction of Arc VIII.



Caitlyn, you monster.

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