Who Needs A Map?


Map of Runeterra as of 23 May, 26 CLE. Newly discovered nexus and surrounding dispute zone highlighted. (High resolution version.)

“I’ve always wondered why the cartographer put the Fyrone Flats in larger script than Demacia.”

“Good question, Councilor. I couldn’t find the original illustration hexes, so—”

“It’s fine. For now. It only needed a small update. Thank you, Summoner.”

High Councilor Kolminye paused. “Because it’s hard to argue that…we need a map.”


“Though perhaps not everyone would agree.”


Ezreal crossed his arms. “The map’s fine.”

Stifled laughter from around the chamber.

“It’s not like maps killed my parents or something. I get that sometimes people need maps.” Ezreal rolled his eyes and walked out. “And you guys need to get a life.”

After the door shut behind him, a Summoner looked over to Kolminye. “Who needs a life?”

There was laughter, which awkwardly faded into the stone walls of the musty old archive.

“So, um. I was thinking of heading to the Heart of Gold for a drink…”

I’ve made some basic updates to our map of Runeterra, taking into account some prior arcs. Plenty is not pictured on this fairly basic map, such as the Ironspike Nexus, the Velocitronic Railway from Piltover to Demacia and from Demacia to Bandle City, the Noxian protectorate in northeastern Shurima, and so on. But some newly admitted factions finally have their red dots!

I’ve indicated the location of the new nexus in the lower right.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Who Needs A Map?
  1. Rextreff says:

    Ill add some of the stuff you mentioned

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