July 2-3 Featured Matches

Champion Recruitment Featured Matches

The current WS rules have Champion Recruitment weeks with a special Featured Match setup. All factions will play every other faction once during the 2 days. We introduce the Champions recruited this week on Thursday or Friday with a lore snippet concluding with what they’re after in this dispute.In the Featured Matches the factions pursue those objectives on behalf of the new Champions. Immediately follow the recruitment snippets with updates on each Champion’s story.

  • Determinants: FM success
  • Goal: Give your Champion a positive story development.
    • If you do poorly in the FMs, then it becomes an interesting but darker story moment.
  • Full-rotation free-for-all, where every faction fights every other faction once. These represent battles in the League on behalf of these Champions.
  • Record determines update to your Champion’s story.
    • 3-0: Your Champion achieves a major success and gets a very positive story update.
    • 2-1: Your Champion makes some headway.
    • 1-2: Your Champion hits a roadblock and is probably grumpy.
    • 0-3: Your Champion suffers a serious setback and is probably furious.

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  1. […] 10 update: I have added resolutions from last weekend’s Featured Matches, and included a decision for each faction to make. (I tried to keep it brief. I got carried away […]

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