July 23-24 Featured Matches


Aren’t abbreviations great?

Alright, we are on an odd week, so we go with world system event featured matches. Randomly selected rival factions will compete in matches tied to one of these stats. For each match won, the faction will have one chance to beat the other faction in a contested stat roll. For each success, the faction will gain a positive story outcome pertaining to either the faction in general or one of its Champions.

I’ve got the stories and details all set up as promised and on time. Hurray!

The stat drawn for this week is might. This means the factions will face off in a direct conflict of arms. The outcomes will be determined by rolling the factions’ might stats against each other, with bonuses from BoP and Featured Match outcomes. It’s important to note that unlike some large battles in the past, this won’t have the factions throwing their entire armies at each other. Rather they will more realistically send only a fraction of their total forces, meaning no one has to worry about being crippled in the might department if they lose.

July 23 – Icathia vs Bilgewater


Icathia has been looking to build up a military force to defend themselves and carry out the Void’s will that is more reliable than waiting for the fabric of reality in Runeterra to weaken and allow a void portal to rip open. While examining the ocean surrounding the Nexus, Icathia learned of a species of predatory sea monsters, known as Mosasarens. They hunt in large packs, are capable of bursts of incredible speed, have large snouts with rows of razor sharp teeth, and their hunting behavior suggests high intelligence and coordination.

Icathia’s mages see great potential in these Mosasarens. They believe the sea monsters can be corrupted using magics similar to that which corrupted Malzahar when he ventured into Icathia and saw into the Void. They envision the creatures bowing before the Void and serving as an aquatic military unit for Icathia. After searching, Icathia was able to locate a region of the ocean’s depths that is home to a very large pack of Mosasarens.

However, as Icathia’s mages prepare to cast their magic on the sea monsters, Bilgewater moves to destroy them. Bilgewater’s ships have been fighting to keep back viscous attacks from sea monster that have been growing in frequency since the Nexus’s appearance on the ocean floor. While most of its fleet is busy holding back the sea monsters, it has marshaled together a fleet to hunt and drive out the pack of Mosasarens, which have been responsible for many of the attacks on Bilgewater’s ships. If it manages to scatter the pack and hold the region the attacks from the Mosasarens should halt, freeing up more of their fleet to use for more than just holding back the attacks.

Icathia’s sorcerers were studying the pack of the sea monsters in preparation for their corrupting magic when they detected the Bilgewater ships approaching. They prayed to the Void for assistance so that they might fight off the fleet from Bilgewater. No sooner had they finished their incantations that voidspawn that had roamed and terrorized the depths of the ocean rose to the surface. They travel to the waters of the Mosasarens and position to intercept the vessels attacking them.

Icathia’s Decision


The creatures the of the Void that had hid in the oceans depth are fearsome indeed, but Bilgewater’s fleet was equipped specifically to hunt and kill sea monsters. There are no guarantees of success. Icathia’s mages believe they can conjure up a void portal and call forth reinforcements, at least for a short amount of time. The barrier separating Runeterra is strong and won’t allow it to stay open for long. Still, they should be able to bring in some additional forces and improve their chances.

Mages that were part of the team studying the Mosasarens are worried how the creatures would react when they sense the Void magic. It might cause those closest to become enraged and attack the creatures from the Void. It looks to its summoners to weigh the risk and decide if they should open the portal.

Icathia summoners vote here

Bilgewater’s Decision


Bilgewater’s fleet was able to spot large, purple sea monsters breaching the ocean’s surface off the horizon. They asked their summoner’s to scry ahead and they saw ancient terrors from the Void that had hid for years in the darkest depths of the ocean rise to the surface. They moved into formation near the Mosasaren’s pack.

The pirates and monster hunters of Bilgewater know the gravity of the situation, but are unphased. They didn’t become one of the most feared naval forces in Valoran by backing down whenever a challenge arose. They prepare their plan of attack.

Bilgewater is able spot Icathian scouts patrolling to the south of the position the Void creatures were gathering. Any attempt to attack from that angle would be seen well in advanced and the Void would be able to react. However, the waters to the north are unpatrolled. Bilgewater could sweep their ships through their and launch a surprise attack on the voidpawn. Unfortunately, this would mean they would have to travel through the waters of the Mosasaren pack, risking an attack from the wild sea monsters.

Bilgewater summoners vote here

July 24 – Bandle City vs the Freljord


The Freljord is a frozen wasteland, and the few areas containing natural resources are fiercely contested by the Avarosan and Winter’s Claw. Sejuani has long wanted to expand her territory beyond that of the Freljord, but the lack of natural resources has prevented large expansions of her forces needed to patrol a larger territory. While searching the waters surrounding the Nexus they spotted an uninhabited and previously unclaimed island. She sent a contingent of her troops to explore the island, which turned out to have significant iron ore deposits. They can use this to forge additional weapons.

However, while exploring the island they saw an expeditionary crew of yordles from Bandle City, marking locations of the iron deposits. Bandle City has long depended on its allies, such as Piltover and Demacia, to help defend it from attacks. It received a rude awakening when Nefara possessed the undead hordes of the Shadow Isles and attacked their city. Despite the aid of allies, Bandle City suffered incredible damage and the dead almost reached their sacred Mothership. Since then the yordles have been looking to find ways to better their defenses and not have to rely on others for protection. With this supply of iron, they could produce more of their “friendship guns” that act as automated turret defenses.

The Winter’s Claw troops charged the yordles and sent them running. However, when they returned to Bandle City it was decided that they would not be pushed around like this. They would not back down and they would stand up for themselves and fight for their ability to defend the Mothership. If the Freljord wanted a fight, they would teach them to mess with yordles. They loaded up the Mothership with a battalion of the Megling Commandos and took flight to the island. The two armies stare each other down in anticipation of the coming battle.

The Freljord’s Decision


The Winter’s Claw is forced to constantly be prepared for attacks from the Avarosan, and now with the chaos surrounding the Nexus they must have troops prepared to defend their claim to it as well. It cannot afford to divert anymore warriors to help defend the island from the yordles.

However, word was recieved from Trundle, the troll king, that he realizes a stronger military force to fight for the Freljord’s claim to the the Nexus and any other secrets they discover in the oceans surrounding it would benefit the Trolls as well as the Winter’s Claw. He offers to send a unit of troll warriors to the island to help claim it for the Freljord.

Several of the Winter’s Claw’s elders were outraged by the troll’s offer. For years the trolls have raided, pillaged, and eaten the humans living the Freljord with no provocation. They insist that Sejuani makes no deals with them. Others are ever devious and tell Sejuani that she should accept his offer, only to kill the trolls upon landing on the island. She knows that fighting her potential allies would only weaken her chances at holding the island, but it brings up a issue.

She knows that additional reinforcements would give her troops a serious advantage against the yordles, but the mutual hatred between trolls and all Freljordians runs deep. Many have lost loved ones to troll attacks and Freljordians do not let go of grudges lightly. She fears that the trolls presence could lead to fighting in their own ranks before the true battle even begins. She asks Freljord’s summoners for their opinions on the matter; could peace be held between the trolls and humans long enough to achieve a mutual goal?

Freljord summoners vote here

Bandle City’s Decision


After unloading the Megling Commandos battalion on the island, the pilots of the Mothership prepared to take off back to Bandle City, but were waved down by the unit’s commanding officer. He was worried about the odds of the coming battle and how Bandle City had not the time to send any air support.

However, he believed that the Mothership could save them. While its weapon systems were not operational, they could place yordles on board with hextech grenades and bombs. They could fly the Mothership over the battle and the yordles aboard could throw the explosives over the side onto the Freljord’s position. The pilot’s call back to Bandle City to make the final decision.

Naturally, many were concerned and worried about taking such a course of action. They feared the stresses of combat would cause hull damage the Mothership, delaying their attempts to restore it and reactivate more of its systems as they would be forced to repair it. Still, the Winter’s Claw was a powerful foe with menacing warriors, and their ability to defend themselves and the lives of their brave soldiers were in the balance as the commandos prepared to meet them in battle.

Bandle City summoners, vote here


Icathia defeated Bilgewater 2-1 on Saturday and Bandle City beat the Freljord 3-0 on Sunday. This will give Icathia and Bandle City an edge in their rolls for the event.

Battle on the High Seas – Icathia vs Bilgewater

Bilgewater decided to travel through the mosasaren controlled water to launch their surprise attack on the void monsters forming against them. As the fleet traveled through the treacherous waters the beasts started gathering around their ships. The sailors stood with their harpoons and muskets at the ready as the mosasaren swam closer and closer to the ships.

The monsters fled the area as a voice screeched out across the ocean. “BE CONSUMED BY OBLIVION! YOUR TIME IS UP, MORTALS!

When the Bilgewater fleet was finally able to spot the void monsters, it was apparent that their numbers had grown significantly since their summoners had scried ahead. Still, their maneuver had worked and the void creatures were floating on the ocean surface, unaware that battle was already upon them.

The ships opened fire on Icathia’s forces, and massive casualties were inflicted before they were able to realize what was going on. After the second volley of cannon fire the creatures of the Void dove into the depths of the sea, and all aboard the ships stood dead quiet as the seconds ticked by.

At last the silence was broken when the terrors from the depths shot up from the water and latched onto Bilgewater’s ships. Some clawed and bit at the hulls and masts, disabling the vessels; others were massive enough to hold onto the ships and slowly pull them down below the water’s surface. Simultaneously the creatures that Icathia had brought through with their void portals swarmed aboard the ships and fought with the pirates and vagabonds in a chaotic melee.

The fleet was being overwhelmed, and was forced to resort to drastic measures. They fired their cannons onto their own ships that were beyond saving, in order to slay the voidlings aboard. The captains ordered the ships to move into a tight, circular formation so the Void would only be able to attack the outer ring of ships, slowing their attack and allowing the sailors to set up a defense.

The battle slowed to a stalemate, neither side able to gain the advantage. Icathian mages started chanting in unison, which echoed through the Bilgewater vessels. The water below the center of the circle started to bubble. The water suddenly shot up like a geyser, shooting ships sky high. The void monsters emerged from the resulting whole in the ships’ formation and attacked the sailors from behind.

The fleet commander saw only one option left; he ordered for the remaining ships to gather their powder in a pile and ignite it. If they were to die here then they would take the horrid creatures with them.

Suddenly, the attack from the Icathia’s forces halted, and the creatures ran back into the water. The group of mosasaren that had approached Bilgewater’s fleet earlier hadn’t ran away out of fear, they were merely regrouping with more from their pack. They had returned now with a massive pack of fellow mosasarens and were attacking the Void’s monsters.

The remaining sailors all cheered as the sea monsters ripped through the voidspawn with their claws and teeth. They used their hunting techniques and coordination to drive the terrors of the void into isolated groups and pick them off.

The sailors were ordered to “belay that racket” and throw the barrels of powder over the side. They fired on the barrels, ignited them and causing them to explode on top of the battle raging in the waters. Deaths were raked across both the mosasarens and Icathia’s army of void monsters. The voidlings dived for the depths and fled the battle.

Bilgewater’s sailors rejoiced in the victory as the mosasarens left, some even taunting the voidlings. Icathia’s mages cursed their misfortune, throwing accusasions at those who advised opening the portals and those who had cast the spells to open them for messing it up.

Both Icathia and Bilgewater chose to risk attack from the sea monsters for an advantage in the battle with the opposing faction. Icathia opened the Void portals and Bilgewater launched the surprise attack. Bilgewater was fotunate in their rolls and avoided provoking the mosasarens. Icathia however was very unfortunate. They rolled the worst possible scenario regarding the mosasarens and was subsequently defeated in the battle against Bilgewater and the sea monsters.

So long as Bilgewater holds the region they will gain a +1 to their might rolls. This has been increased to a +2 bonus due to their high amount of extra success levels.

Laser Fire vs Ice Barbarians – Bandle City vs the Freljord

The Megling Commandos set up a defensive position atop a hill. They dug trenches to slow the Winter’s Claw’s ascent, place mine fields to weaken their forces on their approach, and moved boulders to block less defendable paths up the hill. Still, the Winter’s Claw’s contingent dwarfed their small force, and it was made up of fierce, battle-hardened warriors, not mere brutes with weapons they barely knew how to use.

The warriors from the Freljord had made camp near the coast, not far from the hill Bandle City had taken as their stronghold. Ships arrived, unloading units of Trolls straight from the mountains of the Freljord. They set up camp near the Winter’s Claw, and both commanders ordered heavy patrols between the two camps, out of fear their soldiers would start fighting eachother. No one was allowed to leave without explicit permission from the higher ups.

They planned to attack from the east sunrise, when the sun would blind the yordles and hinder their aim. This meant their army would have to be camped out overnight and not tear itself to shreds over old grudges and hatred between the trolls and humans of the Freljord. The guards caught several soldiers trying to sneak over to the Troll camp carrying weapons and armored; they were ordered to remained locked up for the rest of the night. By a miracle, the rest of the night was uneventful.

Before the sun rose in the morning the Freljord’s forces arose and marched upon the hill. The Trolls lead the attack and charged up the hill. The Yordles opened fire, blasts of green and blue lasers hailed down the slope and onto the advancing Freljord forces. They were only able to inflict minimal damage as they found it impossible to aim while facing into the sun.

Dirt and limbs tumbled through the air when the Winter’s Claw reached the minefield. They halted their advance and the yordles intensified their fire. The Trolls lept over the minefield in an impressive display of leg strength. They threw boulders onto the field, causing the mines to explode, sending fragments from the boulders flying sky high. The Winter’s Claw let out a roar cry and charged across the now harmless field, continuing their attack.

The yordles set an explosive on the hills edge and fired it off. It set off a rockslide that rolled down, crushing the Winter’s Claw troops below. The rocks piled up, making it difficult to get a good footing. The humans could barely climb up them, slowing their advance to a crawl. The Trolls however were used to living near the mountains and pushed ahead. They finally reached the yordle gunner positions and were able to pound them with their clubs.

The yordle commander fired a flare into the air and ordered his commandos to fall back. The Mothership came soaring in. The crew aboard threw bombs over the side. They fell onto the Trolls and let loose a storm of fire and smoke. The few survivors were picked off by the yordle gunners with ease. The ship circled around and went for another pass, this time targeting the Winter’s Claw attempting to ascend the rocky hillside. The bombs fell below and slew several warriors, however one of the bombs went off prematurely, only a couple feet (and yordle feet at that) from the side off the ship. A large dent was left in the side and smoke arose from the ship. It took flight back to Bandle City for repairs.

The yordles rain forward to the edge of the rocky path the Winter’s Claw was climbing. They let opened up a storm of laser fire on the approaching soldiers. They were picking off the Freljord like flies, inflicting incredible casualties. The Winter’s Claw couldn’t reach the yordles firing on them, everytime anyone got close they were shot down.

Cries of yordles in pain shot out. Their back lines were being chopped down as a mobile force from the Winter’s Claw that had climbed the west side of the hill while the battle distracted the yordles reached its peak.  The troops charged down and started slaying their enemy left and right. The yordles stood back-to-back in a last stand, never letting go of their triggers. Several rifles overheated and started smoking. The yordles tossed the useless guns at the Freljord soldiers and pulled out their laser pistol sidearms.

Freljordian archers from the force that climbed the mountain had positioned at the peak and let loose a volley. The yordles looked up at the arrows falling towards them. They cuddled together and faced the inevitable as a group.

The Winter’s Claw stood victorious and let out a war cry. They sent word to Trundle the trolls back in the Freljord of their victory, and the heroic sacrifice of the trolls that were invaluable to their fight. A flag bearing two crossing axes, the symbol of the Winter’s Claw, was planted into the ground at the top of the hill, to show its ownership over the island.

Bandle City decided to use the Mothership to bomb the Freljord. It dealt damage to them but took minor damage in the process. As a result Bandle City will receive a -1 penalty to their next quest roll. The Freljord accepted the offer for troll reinforcements, boosting their might stat for this battle. Luckily no fighting broke out between their troops.

So long as the Freljord holds the island they will gain a +1 to their quest rolls. This has been increased to a +2 bonus due to their high amount of extra success levels.

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