Factions Friday (Divinity Week 9)


Factions Friday is a weekly event aimed at getting Summoners who are new to Factions into their first matches. Secondarily, it’s intended to help facilitate match creation, by setting a day of the week when people can expect there to be lots of matches going.

Tips on Starting Matches

Generally, there’ll be at least one experienced Summoner in the Factions chat who will be willing to get a match going. Even if not, though, it isn’t that difficult. Set up a custom match with a name like FACTIONS – Bandle City v Bilgewater, using Tournament Draft mode. (You can set the password to “factions”, or just leave it open.) Issue a call to Summoners in the Factions chat, and then right-click -> invite to game everyone in the chat.

Remember: this is a 2v2 arc. Thus, Summoners from allied factions (Bandle City/Icathia and Bilgewater/Freljord) can freely sub for each other. (You still use the roster of the faction who’s actually competing.) That doesn’t apply in intra-alliance matches, like Bandle City vs. Icathia, however. In those matches, the rival factions can freely sub in for either side.

Also remember that the winning side has the responsibility for sending in the match results for scoring.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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