August 27-28 Featured Matches

Final Ally Matches


This week marks the end of the last set of Featureds Matches, and wrapping the round off is the final inter-alliance mathces. Bandle City and Icathia face off on Saturday, followed by Bilgewater and Freljord fighting on Sunday.

Its a Champion week, so we will once again be holding votes with each faction on their sub-forums to pick a champion from their roster they want to help in advancing their goals. Be sure to get those votes in quick so we can get the lore event pumped out as soon as possible.

After this we have some special events happening in the final weeks to send the arc off with a bang. Most notably the final two weeks will be hosting the 2nd and final tournament of the arc. Best start prepping, the preliminaries are less than 2 weeks away and the semi-finals and finals follow the week after.

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Saturday, August 27 – Bandle City vs Icathia

Sunday, August 28 – Bilgewater vs the Freljord

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