Champion Rosters Updated

Alright, as several players have mentioned, we got a new yordle champion a few weeks back, and it raised the question of is he going to be added into Bandle City’s roster this arc. Well, staff has been talking about this for a LONG time, and unfortunately we haven’t done anything with it. Until now that is.

The short version (long version coming soon when we manage to get some work done) is each faction will have one champion added to their roster for the remainder of the arc. This way we can have the new champion that’s clearly a yordle and would have been in this arc if we knew about him when it started, while keeping it fair to all the other factions.

Once again, the longer story behind this is going to be coming out as soon as possible, but for now its high time you got to play with the champions in matches for this arc. Full rosters can be viewed on the Faction Rosters page.

Bandle City

Champion: Kled



Champion: Katarina



Champion: Thresh


The Freljord

Champion: Quinn


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