Arc VIII Update: Scheduled Events Concluded, Matches Will Continue To Be Scored

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The tournament last weekend was the final scheduled event of Arc VIII: Divinity. However, match submissions will continue to be accepted until we formally close the arc. (And there are also several lore events to resolve; see below.) You’re welcome to continue playing matches, which will contribute toward the ultimate outcome. You can also play Intermission matches, or roleplay, or just grab a frosty beverage on Aeaea. For that matter, signups will remain open until the arc formally concludes, so if you want to bring in some last-minute reinforcements, go right ahead.

If you’re feeling particularly constructive, you can also join in the Arc IX Ideas thread. Our goal there is to have a clear, simple, 1v1 arc that will last for perhaps 2 months, oriented toward new people.

Zilean Classic Splash.jpg

While I say that scheduled events are over, and they are, we do have quite a number of interactive lore events stacked up in the queue, so there will be more for you to do in your capacities as Summoners for this arc. These events will, of course, be largely based on prior BoP, so you’re about to see the arc play out retrospectively. Your victories and defeats on the Fields over the course of the arc will be the foundation for these lore events.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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