December 10-11 Featured Matches – Holding Back the Black Mists

Behold the Might of the Shadow Isles


In Lore Event I, Demacia and Ionia were given a decision about where to focus their efforts. Demacia decided to focus on defending Piltover, while Ionia deployed the majority of its forces to Nyroth.


Demacia went 2-1 in its matches.

  • Piltover: Victory. Demacia cleansed Piltover of the necro-plague, and deployed hardened warriors to drive back the chem-zombies and other undead.
  • Freljord: Stalemate. The Demacian Inquisition is still barred from the Freljord after the earlier scandal. They remain convinced that it was no coincidence that a blizzard swept into the heart of Valoran simultaneously with the Black Mist, especially given what happened during the Divinity dispute. But so far, all they have are suspicions.

Ionia went 1-2 in its matches.

  • Nyroth: Stalemate. Ionian reinforcements have allowed Nyroth to hold the line against Neritum and Daeyux, but losses mount.
  • Shon-Xan: Defeat. Syndra’s cult is spreading through Shon-Xan. The spirits of the dishonored dead, long ignored by Ionia, have given Syndra’s followers a savage strength that allows them to fight back the undead. Even the moderates who urged Karma to give them another option have largely turned to Syndra now.

Original Announcement

Mike’s original announcement post follows. —CupcakeTrap

The Black Mists will not relent across Valoran. Ionia and Demacia are now being forced to stand against them. Ionia will play against the Shadow Isles on Saturday, and Demacia shall face them on Sunday. However, don’t forget that we need players for the Shadow Isles, so you can sign up and play for both days regardless of which faction you are signed up for.

With the nature of the undying hordes of the dead, the games will have a change of pace from the usual League matches. For both days the first game will be a standard 5v5 match, as the forces of Ionia and Demacia first charge out and clash arms with the hordes of the Shadow Isles. However, as the chaos of battle ensues and the endless armies of death overwhelm the armies of Ionia and Demacia, the champions and summoners must fight a desperate battle to just stay alive, a single high tier summoner must stand alone against 3 lower tiers from the Shadow Isles and try to survive for at least 17 minutes. Finally, the battered and beaten troops of Ionia and Demacia must rally their strength and make a desperate push to drive back the shadows; 3 high tier summoners must band together and face 5 lower tier summoners for the Shadow Isles and attempt to destroy their Nexus.

The Shadow Isles Roster

Here is the roster of champions the Shadow Isles will be playing with this weekend. (Note, some more champions may be added depending on how world systems plays out, explained a bit more below)



There will additionally be the potential of harder or easier levels of difficulty in these matches for Ionia and Demacia, depending on the outcome of some world systems rolls. The results of those rolls will determine which, if any, special rules will be applied to the matches.

  • Hardest – The Shadow Isles gets access to Amumu, Shaco, Urgot, Sion, Maokai, and Yorick in addition to their base roster, and Ionia/Demacia cannot use the summoner spells Ghost and Flash (there will be no escape!)
  • Harder Still – The Shadw Isles gets access to Amumu, Shaco, Urgot, and Sion in addition to their base roster, and Ionia/Demacia cannot use the summoner spell Ghost (the ghosts are on the undead team, duh)
  • Harder – The Shadow Isles gets access to Amumu, Shaco, Urgot, and Sion in addition to their base roster
  • Default – no changes
  • Easier – The Shadow Isles cannot take heal or barrier for summoner spells (undead don’t care about pain or death)
  • Easier still – all Shadow Isles players must take Ghost and Ignite as their summoner spells, except for one player on their team may take smite (they’re ghosts hell bent on destruction)
  • Easiest – The Shadow Isles players cannot ever go back to fountain after leaving it (the undead fight till they die…again) (obviously they’ll be in the fountain after respawning, but they can’t recall or run back to the fountain)


World Systems Rolls

Lore Event I was profoundly bipolar, with Demacia scoring a dramatic success and Ionia failing by a punishing margin. (The “raw” GDoc contains some details, while the proper lore posts are being written.) This means that Demacia gets the easiest FM setup, and Ionia gets the most difficult setup.


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