Black Winter Tournament Signups Posted


This weekend, December 17-18, Demacia and Ionia will clash in a two-day tournament. Whereas Featured Matches use pick-up teams, tournaments are competitions between premade teams that have more opportunity to practice together and coordinate strategies.

Team submission forms are linked below. I’ll update this page with team entries as they come in.

Day One: December 17

December 17 will be a best-of-three using GGSSB teams.

  • Team Submission Form (Day One)
  • Demacian Team: Scruffy Nerf Herders
    • Captain: Endgame1125
    • Pato123
    • Rextreff
    • DarkLordArbitur
    • Whitakker
    • Sub: Random Nom
  • Ionian Team: (open)

Day Two: December 18

December 18 will be a best-of-three using HHHGG teams.

  • Team Submission Form (Day Two)
  • Demacian Team: “Bilgewater Summoners (Why are we here anyway?)”
    • Captain: Orderly Anarchist
    • Sodaman64
    • tldr am duck
    • Rextreff
    • Rowena Ravenclaw
  • Ionian Team: (open)

Team Selection Rules

If more than one team is submitted per faction, we’ll try to coordinate some sort of rotation.

Forum Threads

I’ve created some forum threads for discussion:


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