Black Winter Ends January 9


Arc IX: Black Winter will conclude on 9 January, 27 CLE. From this point onward, the Balance of Power will be “dark”, to maintain the suspense. At about 7:00 PM Pacific on January 9, I’ll close the match submission form and compute the final Balance of Power to decide our winner.

Lore Completion and Final Lore Event

I’m planning one final lore event to cap the arc. I’m also working my way through the arc’s lore updates; the drafts are being linked on the arc page as they’re written. You can also follow along on my Arc IX updates thread.

This lore event might take place after the arc, as a sort of epilogue event. It honestly depends on how soon we work out a suitably dramatic final decision for both factions.

Intermission and Arc X

After the winner is announced, we’ll move into intermission while we set up the next arc. The next arc will use the same basic 1v1 5-week structure as this arc did, as I think it worked out reasonably well, but there will be ample opportunity to discuss how we can improve it.

There will also, of course, be two votes (one by the general community, one by the winning faction from this arc) to select next arc’s factions. You can pitch ideas for the next arc in this Arc X ideas thread.

I’ve overall been very pleased by this arc, and see it as a distinct improvement on the previous arc. That makes me optimistic for Arc X. But let’s not count our poros before they … hatch? … here. Hit the Fields and score some wins for your faction! You never know which matches will count. Just think of the final Shon-Xan match.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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