Demacian Summoners: Vote for Arc X’s second faction


The general Factions community has voted in Zaun as Arc X’s first faction. It is Factions tradition that Summoners who represented the winning side in the previous arc get to vote in a faction for the next arc. In accordance with that tradition, Summoners who fought for Demacia in Black Winter may now cast a vote to decide who Zaun’s opponent in the next arc will be.

I encourage you to share this with other Demacian Summoners. However, both for security reasons and to promote discussion, please link to the forum thread only, and do not share the actual vote link outside of that thread.

Voting will conclude tomorrow night. Once we have both factions locked in, we can move forward on coming up with a good story for why these factions are scrapping on the Fields.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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