May 27-28 Featured Matches (Lore Event I)


The first Featured Matches of the Insurrection arc have been scheduled for May 27–28, in the year 27 CLE. They are connected with Lore Event I.


Stream Information

Matches will be streamed at

Sign Up

Sign-ups complete.

Scoring Modification

There have been some scheduling issues. I am making an executive decision to soften the rank rules to avoid (understandable) salt. We will give priority to Summoners who have signed up, and will try to make the teams as even as possible. However, we will not have strict rank requirements. Instead, we will run the matchups through the winrate calculator, as for a pickup match, and weight each win accordingly, both for story purposes and for BoP. (There will be no standing adjust or other modification for the FM point computation; this will be based solely on predicted winrate, with a perfectly fair match being worth 10 points.) FM story points are positive-only: you gain points from wins, but you don’t lose points from losses.

Saturday, May 27—With Friends Like These

Noxus and Zaun have chosen the first set of major matches to hash out the long list of grievances they each entered the dispute with. Noxus accuses Zaun of polluting its territory and then seizing upon resultant instability to stage an invasion, while Zaun retorts that Noxus caused the revolt (and subsequent invasion of Zaunite corporate property) with its reckless governance and abusive trade practices. They each seek varying combinations of monetary compensation, treaty modifications, and League sanctions, all of which will be useful leverage as the fight for Qa’hhar continues.

For each 5 full points won from these matches, the faction gains a global +1 bonus on rolls associated with this lore event.


Sunday, May 28

Each faction will select a Champion to play a key role in the lore event. For each 5 full points won from the matches, the faction gains a global +1 bonus on rolls associated with this lore event.


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