Black Winter Week 1 World Systems Summary


In the first week of the Black Winter arc, Demacia dispatched a force into the Freljord, while Ionia came to the aid of Bandle City. Demacia’s operation was largely fumbled, while Ionia made some marginal progress.

The Story So Far

See also: Prologue, Introduction

The Harrowing of 26 CLE brought the Black Winter, a Black Mist phenomenon of unprecedented breadth and persistence. Demacia and Ionia each have proven solutions: Demacia wants to banish the undead, while Ionia favors the invocation of benevolent ancestral spirits to restore balance.


  • While Bilgewater held fast against the Black Mist, and later received additional reinforcements from Noxus, the Freljord was caught off-guard by the Black Winter. Ravenous ghouls have invaded Queen Ashe’s lands, and have even threatened her castle itself.
  • Demacian troops under the banner of House Spiritmight have secured the castle and its environs.
  • An attempt to channel light magic through the Mirrorwater-laced ice that makes up the castle failed, blinding several of Demacia’s clerics.
  • Ashe has ejected the Demacian Inquisition from the Freljord, after its investigation into possible necromancy resulted in scandalous allegations against the honorable Frostguard. One inquisitor, Meorah Spiritmight, is now being held for questioning at Ashe’s castle; she has been accused of taking a bribe from the Winter’s Claw to slander the Frostguard.


  • Glorious though it was, the launch of the Mothership has left Bandle City without its beloved spaceship at a time of great crisis. The yordles are willing to try Ionia’s proposal, to communicate with friendly yordle and fae spirits and seek help against the vengeful undead.
  • Tragedy struck at a cupcake-baking festival which had been called to boost morale among yordlefolk. An ancient bone dragon, whose name translates literally to “Lord Maw” but is often sardonically rendered as “Mr. Chompers”, surprised the yordles at their festival. Ionian mages called upon fae spirits who drove the dragon back from Bandle City, but not before he gobbled up several hapless cupcake chefs.
  • Akali and agents of the Kinkou Order uncovered a plot by Veigar to call a minion of Aklathos through an abyssal portal. They ambushed him at the site, halting his ritual and hastily sealing the portal with strong magic. To their surprise, Veigar burst into cackling laughter. He gloated that he had tricked them into sealing away a portal leading to the fae realm, and cutting Bandle City off from the only being that could counter a terrible spell—which he had already set in motion! Just before he teleported away, he triggered the spell with a wave of his staff, surrounding Bandle City in a dark event horizon. For the next two days, no one could enter or exit Bandle City. Inside the event horizon, the sky was completely blacked out, and each yordle hallucinated that they were the only one left. Veigar’s current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Kennen and the yordles of Nuigu restored some order to the shaken folk of Bandle City, using the Signal Dish to establish a connection with the Mothership across the stars. A great Storytime Celebration was had, and was followed by a night of sweet dreams, in which the yordles frolicked with long lost friends and family.


You can access the details in this GDoc.


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