Create Art

Factions has been lucky to receive art contributions from some very talented people. If you have an artistic talent and would like to pitch in, let us know!

So about that banner.


CupcakeTrap committed this grievous crime against Art to fill the space or possibly to horrify some graphic designers into helping out. You decide.

Thankfully, we’ve now received several awesome banners from GeekeeWasTaken, Sgt Porkchop, and KBloodslear.

Also, we have someone working on sexy new research project icons to replace my placeholders.

Here are some other ideas:

  • First, second, third, etc. place badges for factions to record their placement in previous arcs.
  • Anything at all for the site.
  • Perhaps a generic “Featured Matches signup” banner that I could place at the top of the rosters page.
  • Artwork depicting an event from the Factions saga.
  • Some kind of trailer for Hextech Revolution, perhaps with some zooming/panning over artwork and some voice acting.

Anyway, just some ideas. Contact us if you think you might be interested in working on something.

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