Featured Matches


In addition to full tournaments, we also regularly hold Featured Matches in partnership with LoL Tourneys. These are shoutcasted matches for which players sign up in advance. They are worth extra points, and victory can earn the factions special prizes such as a new Champion or bonus points.

Featured Matches are held every Saturday and Sunday, with the first match beginning at 12:30 PM Pacific time (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) on each day. The exceptions are weekends during which we have a Tournament.

How To Participate

We create sign-up threads in advance. They are posted here. Post in the sign-up thread to secure your spot. Even if the spot you want is taken, please sign-up anyway as a sub. Unfortunately, no-shows happen fairly frequently. If you are on the list as a sub and you show up on match day, you have a very good chance of being in the game.

For each match, teams are given a set of slots rated at different skill Tiers: e.g., 1 Diamond, 1 Plat, 1 Gold, and so on. Your Tier is defined as the highest solo queue rank you attained in Season 3 or Season 4.


You can find recordings of prior Featured Matches on the Featured Match VODs page.


Featured Matches follow Factions tournament rules.

10 comments on “Featured Matches
  1. Split Push Salvi says:

    Available as a sub for Bilgewater. I have not been able to find a post to sign up.

  2. Bloodless08 says:

    Hoping to play in a Gold spot for Ionia today if possible, have posted everywhere since yesterday trying to get a response lol.

  3. Rito Normandic says:

    Hi guys, I don’t know if I am still in time to sign up for tomorrow’s bilgewater match, but I would like to be a platinum sub for bilgewater, if that’s still possible.

  4. harrythepenguin says:

    I don’t see a recent sign up thread…

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