Hextech Revolution Interactive Lore Event VI

In the wake of the Battle of Shurima Desert, the League has announced an end to the Shuriman Dispute and declared Zaun the winner.

The sixth arc is set to begin this week. First, we’re holding one final interactive lore event to tie up some loose ends from Hextech Revolution. This lore event will allow Summoners from these factions to resolve some of these story threads and help set the course of their faction going forward.

Cast your votes below. This vote will only be up for a couple days be up for a long time, because CupcakeTrap is going to be too busy to write the freaking Epilogue until the next arc has already started.

The world has changed. Will Piltover change with it? With Noxian refugees settling in Piltover, and Piltover’s armies deployed to the battlefield for the first time in many years, some say Piltover is poised to begin intervening more actively in world affairs. Others say the political fallout from the Battle of Shurima amply demonstrates why a return to peaceful ways of trade and commerce is necessary. One particular question being whispered about at the highest levels of Piltover’s government: should a new Reformist rebellion rise in Noxus, should Piltover get involved?

Should Bandle City retreat into splendid, adorable isolation, or do what it can to thwart the evil schemes of Noxus and Zaun? After being burnt so badly getting involved in foreign affairs, is Bandle City willing to stick its neck out for the Marai?


Zaun has gone a long way, from wacky sidekick of Noxus to the new superpower that broke the Demacian army in open battle. Where does it go from here? If it doubles down on the HexKorps, some say it could conquer all of Valoran and destroy the League. Meanwhile, Zac and Janna want everyone to chill out and be nice, and others say that both ideological extremes are inferior to just kicking back and carrying on business as usual.


Demacia suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Shurima, followed by the indignation of seeing its King led off into League custody. From its perspective, the League has tarnished the memory of the many brave Demacians who fought to avert apocalypse by punishing them for a desperate act necessary to save the world from destruction. On the positive side, though it ultimately lost to Zaun, it did win a major tournament in the closing weeks of the dispute, and was awarded the rights to a considerable plot of dark sand.

Have fun!

4 comments on “Hextech Revolution Interactive Lore Event VI
  1. […] Click here to view the event and (if eligible) cast your votes. […]

  2. Companion Prism says:

    Viktory for Viktor! I support Hexkorps under his leadership considerably more so than under Singed. Viktor is a good man at heart, just a deeply driven and committed one almost to the point of villiany. Singed is a mad chemist.

  3. StormRevolver says:

    That primordial power reminds me of the research idea i posted for pilt :) but with all these danger reductions on zaun it doesnt realy feel like they are doing reckless research anymore.

  4. […] Link: Hextech Revolution Interactive Lore Event VI […]

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