List of Summoners (EUW)

This is a list of all Summoners who have signed up for the current storyline on the EUW server. Contact Summoner Azazalis (EUW regional admin) for more information.

You can access the spreadsheet directly here.

You are encouraged to add friends from this list and introduce yourself. You may want to sort people into folders by faction:

BuddyFoldersPrevious Arcs

Here are the Summoner lists from previous arcs.



8 comments on “List of Summoners (EUW)
  1. […] List of Summoners (EUW) […]

  2. […] List of Summoners (EUW) […]

  3. […] List of Summoners (EUW) […]

  4. Original says:

    I verfied monday, Originalcoon, But my old name was themainecoon, so yeah

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