Lore Event V: Demacia



These are Demacia’s options for Interactive Lore Event V: The Beginning of the End.

Demacia stands for order and justice. It is the defender of the weak and Runeterra’s only hope against the horrors of the Void. But now it must make a difficult decision: will it respect the laws of the League and hope that Zaun can control the power it has unleashed, or will it take matters into its own hands?

The Dawnbringers

With the Cosmic Purity project complete, Demacia has begun a new project: the Dawnbringers. This is an army of paladins dedicated to vanquishing the forces of evil. Demacia may select either Kayle or Lucian to join their roster and lead the Dawnbringers. Under Kayle, they would be stronger against the Void, while under Lucian they would be stronger against the undead.

New “traditional” Champion

Demacia can bring in another “core” Champion, as well.


Ceruleana and Shurima

Ceruleana is an ocean goddess who has lent her support to Demacia since her appearance, becoming a divine guardian of order. She obliterated the Noxian fleet in the war for Shon-Xan, and gives Demacia mastery of the seas.

Just days ago, voidlings emerged in the Shurima desert near Zaun’s pyrikhos mines. They massacred a number of mine laborers, mostly Noxian refugees, before being destroyed. Piltover was blamed for the disaster, though many believe they were framed and it was simply another sign of Zaun losing control over the pyrikhos.

Ceruleana now warns that Runeterra is on the brink of apocalypse. Mortal magic cannot maintain more than an illusion of control over the Void, and soon there will be a price to pay. Appearing before Jarvan III and his court, she reveals terrifying visions of countless Void demons pouring out of a rift running from Shurima to Zaun, joining legions of the undead in an unstoppable wave. Demacia’s Champions and Summoners stare in horror as they see all the nations of Valoran fighting a losing battle against the nightmare hordes.

Ceruleana urges Demacia to do what it must to prevent this. She commands King Jarvan to deploy his armies and seize Zaun’s pyrikhos mines. This would violate League law; at best it would trigger sanctions, at worst it would trigger full-scale war. Demacia points out that they might still win the dispute in the League, rendering direct military intervention unnecessary. She tells them that it may well be too late by then. She adds that, with Noxus in ruins, Demacia is the mightiest power in all of Runeterra, and they should fear the Void more than the Council. Should they defy her, she will forsake them, as they have forsaken Runeterra. With that, she vanishes.

Demacia is not certain whether or not Ceruleana is right. Her visions may not come to pass; Zaun may yet change its ways, or find the power to control the Void. What is certain is that if they follow her commands, it will be war, and Demacia will have defied the sacred laws of the League. Scouts have also spotted the Winter’s Claw moving down toward the border, perhaps preparing to strike out and raid Demacia’s northern territories if fighting breaks out in Shurima.

Demacia must decide its course of action:

  • Attack the mines. This would require deploying essentially the entire Demacian army to Shurima, and would trigger a pitched battle between Demacia and the HexKorps. The Winter’s Claw (or another hostile power) might use this opportunity to attack Demacian territory. If Demacia prevails, though, they will have shut down most of Zaun’s access to the pyrikhos.
    • The odds of success are slightly in Demacia’s favor, though it’s hard to say.
    • If Demacia wins: they’ll get sanctioned, but the League will (presumably) have to be careful about it. With the HexKorps wrecked, Demacia will basically be the sole superpower, and could use a threat of withdrawal from the League as a trump card to keep the Council at bay.
    • If Demacia loses: then Zaun will likely surpass Demacia as the greatest military power, and the sanctions will be very, very harsh. Demacia would be disgraced.
  • Ask for more time. If Demacia does not win the dispute, it will attack at the very last minute, provoking a final showdown. (In the meantime, there is a chance that Zaun might learn of the planned attack — in which case they’ll be ready, perhaps with Noxian reinforcements.) Ceruleana insists that this would be gambling with the fate of Valoran.
  • Refuse. They lose Ceruleana as patron.
  • If Demacia selects either of the latter two options, which of the two options was selected will remain a secret, at least initially.

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