Need some fitting music for Factions? Here’s a list.

Bandle City

Yordle’s Paradise, by various artists
We’re all less than three feet high, living in a yordle’s paradise

Yordle, by Instalok
So you want to fight against us? Then you should fear our small force
Never underestimate us, you know you shouldn’t mess with a yordle


Tell No Tales, by Area of Defect


The Battle Hymn of Demacia, by DJ 3LO
Sound the drums, Demacia, we march today for war.

D-Town, by Area of Defect (this is the remix; the original is here)
Ya better put some wards up.

King of the League, by Area of Defect
Jarvan IV gets Pentakills on Twisted Treeline …

Demacia: Now and Forever, by Vedrim
A rousing choral anthem for Demacia.

Cerulean (Veela remix)
Give us green, cerulean, and heal us time and time again

There’s also CupcakeTrap’s Demacia playlist.

Demacia versus Noxus

This Is War, by Falconshield
Pick a side: who’s friend and foe
Worldwide, who you fighting for?
Set the score once and for all
It’s not a game: this is war

You Can Stay, by Area of Defect
He knew the most effective way to woo me, was to slice right through the man next to me.

the Freljord

Volibear Cypher, by Area of Defect
You hear that? Your phone is ringing — THE THUNDER CALLS


Iownya, by Area of Defect (feat. Badministrator)
Be careful in the team select, or we’ll pwn ya …

Better Nerf Irelia, by Badministrator
Captain of the Guard, represent Ionia; lane domination, spend the whole game zonin ya

Banana, by Area of Defect
Horn of plenty, unicornucopia

Ionia: Blood Moon, by Vedrim
An instrumental anthem for Ionia.

CupcakeTrap’s Ionia playlist.


N-Game, by Area of Defect
Hope you brought your umbrella, ’cause I’m making it SWAIN

League of Draven, by Area of Defect
xSeth’s entrance music.

Broken Wings, by The Yordles
Left  upon the battlefield, broken like the sword I wield …

Glory to the High Command, by Vedrim
An instrumental Noxian anthem.

CupcakeTrap’s Noxus playlist.


The City of Progress, by Area of Defect (feat. Auroracorealis)

City of Progress, by Vedrim.
A rousing instrumental anthem for Piltover. I think of this as the entrance music for Piltover’s Champions.

Piltover versus Zaun

This Is War II, by various artists

The Shadow Isles

Bump in the Night, by Area of Defect
Your team is running from zombies, like it’s Dawn of the Dead

6v4, by Area of Defect
Your sickness sustains him, he delights in your pain, and on Summoner’s Rift, he is lord

Blue Ribbon, by Area of Defect
Climb into the saddle and get carried away

Friends on the Other Side
The Shadow Isles recruitment pitch?

The Void

Nom Nom Nom, by Area of Defect
Mortals of Runeterra, take heed, lest you be … devoured!


Reds and Blues, by Area of Defect (feat. Badministrator)

3 comments on “Music
  1. Rain Quill says:

    I see you have the Piltover and Ionia theme composed by Vedrim, but he has made so many more for other cities! I HIGHLY suggest you to add them all to the list. I think the quality is more than enough to even vote for them to become official them music!

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