Shon-Xan Update 1: Ionia’s Rage

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Ionia’s Rage

by CupcakeTrap

Summoner Kaiden hastened into the noisy Council chamber, blue robe swishing, and laid the gilded envelope on the table. One by one the Summoners’ eyes caught upon the flash of gold on parchment, signifying the results of a battle fought in the League of Legends. The room fell silent.

Robert the Guardsman, a veteran Summoner pledged to Ionia, took the envelope and turned it slowly over to reveal a shimmering gold stamp holding it shut. He traced an intricate pattern in the air, and the magical seal shone before breaking. He opened the envelope and read its contents. The room watched him slowly frown as his eyes traveled down the stream of brush strokes. In the most recent match, Noxus had prevailed.

Summoner Robert laid out a fresh sheet of parchment, wrote a brief letter, and handed it back to Kaiden, who bowed and left with it in hand.

Less than an hour passed before Udyr threw the doors open and strode into the chamber, carrying Summoner Robert’s letter with him.

He stood before the assembled Summoners, surveying them like so many scurrying mice, and approached the Arbiter.

“We pledge our might to the defense of Ionia.”

His eyes shone an eerie green as he remembered the visions from his meditation.

A Noxian protectorate on the very shores of Ionia, walls raised against the mainland, soldiers executing their battle drills atop the isle’s sacred earth.

He stepped forward and clapped the letter firmly down upon the stout wooden table. “A Summoner’s argument in support.”

The Arbiter slid the letter to his stack of papers, but made no move to read it. “Ionia’s roster is filled at present. The next juncture will not come until—”

A dark sorceress of limitless potential, an Ionian turned traitor, reclining in a Noxian throne set in a high tower, grinning greedily as she surveys the mainland.

“We will not be denied. I am Udyr. I am the Spirit Walker. We have made our pledge.”

The Arbiter looked down at the wild mystic warrior, then to the parchment. “The Council will consider your request.”

Udyr stared past the Arbiter. Silent seconds passed before he spoke.

“Noxians cannot be satisfied, only slain. Noxus seeks control over Ionia once again. Once again we will break them.”

He turned with a snarl to face the Noxian delegation.

“Our rage is beyond your control.”

Udyr, the Spirit Walker, will fight for Ionia!

Udyr helped fight Noxus off the first time, and took part in the original Noxus vs. Ionia tournament. He also fought for Ionia in the first Factions arc, “Mirrorwater.”

Next Update: The League Intervenes (Noxus)

Images are from the LoL wiki; I believe they are Riot’s.

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