Limited rosters give each faction distinctive strengths and weaknesses. A significant part of Factions is collaborating with others to develop winning strategies for your faction.

Faction Forum

CrazyMLC and Matsokune are running the official Factions forum. We encourage people to visit and discuss Factions.

Faction Mentors

We are trying to give each faction a staff mentor to help develop strategy. More coming as it develops.


Naggarok (NA) and Companion Prism (NA).

the Shadow Isles

501st Big Mike (NA) and Kuronan (NA)


Revoluxionist (NA)

the Freljord

RustSka (NA)


We would also like to begin assembling faction-specific strategy guides.

Quick-Start Guides

We would like to have, for each faction, a brief beginner’s guide that summarizes the most salient points of strategy, e.g. listing some standard teamcomps.

Counterplay Guides

For each faction, a guide that explains how to play against each other faction.

Advanced Guides

More sophisticated and high-level strategies for each faction.

Archived Forums

We initially created four separate forums. We have now moved on to the unified forum, but here are those links for reference.

We’re actively seeking moderators for each of these forums. In the meantime, here they are!

Archived Forum Threads

These are forum threads from the old GD. They are now read-only.

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  1. Sam says:

    Where’s the Bilgewater thread?

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