Interactive Lore Event Posted! (Select a new Champion for your faction and make other decisions.)

I’ve just finished writing up the first Interactive Lore Event for the Hextech Revolution arc. Here are the highlights:

  • Each faction can select a new Champion to join their roster.
  • We’ve set up a research system to connect the balance of power with in-universe progress toward particular objectives. It also introduces mechanics to reflect the dangers of pyrikhos — Demacia isn’t making this up.
  • This event gives Summoners an opportunity to make other decisions about how their faction will proceed, ranging from selection of new projects to sabotaging other factions.

Voting won’t open until Friday, to provide people with time to start discussing their options as a faction. We’ve set up some discussion threads on the r/leaguefactions subreddit, and you’re encouraged to go participate. If you’re not signed up for Reddit yet, go ahead and do so; it’s really pretty easy.

Have fun! Click here to visit the main page for the interactive lore event.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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