Balance of Power

Matches affect the balance of power between the factions. This “scoreboard” influences the storyline and ultimately determines the winner.

Anyone can create a scored match anytime. Just remember to send us the results for scoring.

Current Balance of Power

This graph shows the current balance of power between Shurima, Noxus, and Piltover.

Match Scoring

Factions gain points by winning matches and lose points by losing matches. Match value is set by factors including:

  • Map and mode. Summoner’s Rift is worth the most points. Also, the more Summoners are involved, the more points the match is worth.
  • Skill adjust. We’ve used the data gathered from years of Factions matches to estimate the winrate of two teams based on the ranks of their Summoners. This allows us to at least roughly correct for skill imbalance. Simply put, if a lower-ranked team beats a higher-ranked team, the match is worth more points, whereas if the higher-ranked team wins, their victory will award them fewer points than normal. If you’re curious about a particular matchup, you can use our winrate calculator to check the estimated winrate. The system gets smarter the more matches are played.
  • Faction standing adjust. For every one point of gap between the two factions’ scores, the value of the match is increased or decreased by 1%.
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