Research Rolls: April, Week III

This is the first set of research system rolls. I’d like to add in some lore snippets later. For now, though, here are the numbers.

By the way, the first interactive lore event for Hextech Revolution is still active. Click here to cast your vote for a new Champion and new projects for your faction.


The Velocitronic Rail (Alpha Phase) — High-speed hextech levitating train system
Target: 8 or higher
Roll: 3
Balance of Power Penalty: -1
Total: 2

Bandle City

Refuel the Mothership (Alpha Phase) — Attempt to refuel the Yordle Mothership with pyrikhos-based fuel
Target: 8 or higher
Roll: 8
Balance of Power Modifier: 0
Total: 8
Breakthrough! Project advances to Beta Phase.
After much debate, the Mothership Elders authorized the use of a sample of the ancient and sacred Mothership Fuel for testing. When combined with an enchanted pyrikhos mixture within a hextech transthaumification field, it generated a new compound which was shown to burn similarly to pure Mothership Fuel: a promising initial finding. The yordles now have hope that they will be able to take the Mothership back to the stars, and perhaps provide a new fuel source for conventional vehicles as well.


HexKorps (Alpha Phase) — A mechanized hextech army of battletanks, mutants, death rays, and other fiendish innovations
Target: 7 or higher (Aggressive Research bonus)
Roll: 1
Balance of Power Bonus: +3
Total: 4

Pharmakon II (Alpha Phase) — An arcano-elixir that could produce a new breed of Void-touched mages
Target: 7 or higher (Aggressive Research bonus)
Roll: 5
Balance of Power Bonus: +3
Total: 8
Breakthrough! Project advances to Beta Phase.
Zaunite scientists working under Singed have discovered a sub-particle of pyrikhos, pyrikhos-Ψ, which exhibits bizarre and unpredictable interactions with the Void ooze taken from contaminated Noxian land. Currently, the only way to observe these properties is through mages who have taken near-fatal doses of Pharmakon, who variously report that they sense a more than ten-fold increase in psionic conductivity in the substance compared to regular pharmakon, that the addition of enchanted mercury does indeed have a significant effect as theorized, and in some cases that “oh god oh god knives in my mind THE THIRSTER COMES”. Progress!


Cosmic Purity (Alpha Phase) — Holy magic to repel the Void and cure those it has afflicted
Target: 8 or higher
Roll: 7
Balance of Power Penalty: -1
Total: 6


I’ll be expanding this more later, with more flavor text and such.



Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. […] These were very exciting and close matches. Bandle City won the first two, thus winning the set, but Piltover came back strong with a decisive victory in the third match. Still, a great victory for Bandle City, which also recently scored a significant breakthrough in its pyrikhos research. […]

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