April 20: Victory for Bandle City!

Bandle City prevailed in today’s Featured Matches against Piltover. Rumble won’t shut up about this for weeks, if ever.

These were very exciting and close matches. Bandle City won the first two, thus winning the set, but Piltover came back strong with a decisive victory in the third match. Still, a great victory for Bandle City, which also recently scored a significant breakthrough in its pyrikhos research.

The VODs have been added to the official Factions gallery and are being forwarded to Beast of Legends for inclusion on our YouTube channel:

Match I

Match II

Match III

Bandle City rolled bonus points for its prize.

Next Week’s Matches

I’ve just posted up sign-ups for next weekend’s matches:

So go sign up! We need Summoners from all Tier levels.

Thanks to our casters, our viewers, and the Summoners who so valiantly fought on the Fields of Justice for their factions.

Interactive Lore Event

Finally, I’d like to once again remind everyone about the interactive lore event, as part of which each faction gets to vote a new Champion onto its roster and make some other key decisions.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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