Research Rolls: April, Week IV

Click here for a summary of the results from the first interactive lore event. In short, as it influences these rolls:

  • Piltover’s rolls are canceled due to Zaunite sabotage.
  • Bandle City gets to roll twice on all projects.
  • Bandle City launches a new project: Cosmic Balance.
  • Zaun is at +2 Danger Level this week due to rioting over the Council’s refusal to pass the Mutant Registration Act.
  • Zaun has launched the Mutant Academy and Void Energy projects.
  • Zaun’s baseline Danger Level is now 6 (+2 due to Void Energy).
  • Demacia has launched a new project: Secrets of Shurima.
  • Demacia’s baseline Danger Level is now 1.

Here are this week’s research system rolls.


The Velocitronic Rail (Alpha Phase) — High-speed hextech levitating train system

People of Tomorrow (Alpha Phase) — Bio-augmentation project

Airship Armada (Alpha Phase) — Build a fleet of hextech airships

Danger Level: 1
Rolled: 16 (passed)


Bandle City

Due to its tech swap with Piltover, Bandle City gets to roll its projects twice this week.

Refuel the Mothership (Beta Phase) — Attempt to refuel the Yordle Mothership with pyrikhos-based fuel
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: 0
Roll: 5
Bonus Roll: 7

Cosmic Balance (Alpha Phase) — Balance Order and Chaos and find a way to use pyrikhos safely.
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: 0
Roll: 8
Bonus Roll: 8
Double breakthrough! What does it meeeeeean?

That puts it at Gamma Phase already, unless something were to go wrong. Hmm. Well, that’s unlikely. They’re only at Danger Level 2.

Danger Level: 2
Roll: 1 (failure)

Disaster strikes! Just as Kennen is beginning to bring the spirits of Order and Chaos into harmony in a delicately balanced ritual summoning, the arcane shockwave from the Pyramid of Akhtal being opened blasts through Bandle City.
(Bandle City loses one of its two breakthroughs, leaving Cosmic Balance at Beta Phase.)


HexKorps (Alpha Phase) — A mechanized hextech army of battletanks, mutants, death rays, and other fiendish innovations
Target: 7 or higher (Aggressive Research bonus)
Roll: 9
Balance of Power Bonus: +4
Total: 13
Breakthrough! The HexKorps project advances to the Beta
Viktor unveils a terrifying new prototype: an enormous walking humanoid death machine with a pyrikhos power core, capable of firing techmaturgic hex blasts from its metal hands.

Pharmakon II (Beta Phase) — An arcano-elixir that could produce a new breed of Void-touched mages
Roll: 9
Balance of Power Bonus: +4
Total: 13
Breakthrough! Project advances to Gamma Phase.
Zaun has developed a stable form of Pharmakon II. Even this new form proved to have lethal effects on almost a third of test subjects, forcing a halt to further deployment of the elixir until additional refinements can be made. But the handful of Pharmakon-infused mages from the first test have begun to show astonishing new powers to control the energies of the Void.

Void Energy (Alpha Phase) — An attempt to harness the energies of the Void itself.
Roll: 8
Balance of Power Bonus: +4
Total: 12
Breakthrough! Project advances to Beta Phase.
Zaun has begun to understand the basic mechanics of the Void, if such a term as “mechanics” can be applied to the Void’s rampant Chaos. Zaunite researchers have demonstrated an ability to generate small amounts of Void distortion, and, even more impressively, to seemingly erase isolated pockets of Void energy.

Mutant Academy (Alpha Phase) — An institution led by Zac where mutants can learn to use their powers for good
Roll: 7
Balance of Power Bonus: +4
Total: 11
Breakthrough! Project advances to Beta Phase.
Construction of the academy is underway. Meanwhile, Zac has found some trustworthy scientists to begin investigating the nature of these mutations.

Danger Level: 8
Rolled: 13 (passed)


Cosmic Purity (Alpha Phase) — Holy magic to repel the Void and cure those it has afflicted
Target: 8 or higher
Roll: 5
Balance of Power Modifier: 0
Total: 6

Secrets of Shurima (Alpha Phase) — An attempt to unravel the secrets of ancient Shuriman magic to better understand pyrikhos
Target: 8 or higher
Roll: 7
Balance of Power Modifier: 0
Total: 7

Danger Level: 1
Roll: 10 (pass)

That’s all for now! We’ve generated a ton of new material with the lore event and this week’s research rolls; now it’s time for the lore team and I to get to work on putting it in story form. Stay tuned.



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    Do you actually own a 20 sided die or are you using a online one, because I would gladly lend you mine.

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