Interim rule on disconnections

I have received a rather troubling report regarding an upswing in disconnections:

I dunno when we changed the rule regarding DC’s, and I would have appreciated there being some sort of vote by way of the community if it was going to happen.  That asides, this new rule is screwing up our community because there’s been a bunch of suspicious dc’s that nobody can prove anything about that are getting one-sided looking games preemptively cancelled.  The old rule absolutely needs to be reestablished, because I for one hate seeing community members taking jabs at each other because nobody can tell whether a dc is legit or not and people want to abuse the system in a for fun game mode.

I’ve announced a temporary interim rule. It’s a harsh rule that I don’t plan to keep around forever.

You are invited to discuss the situation on this subreddit thread and help us come up with a solution to these problems. Factors to consider:

  1. We don’t want there to be an incentive to game the system by disconnecting from a losing match.
  2. We don’t want people to feel obligated to slog through a 4v5.
  3. Disconnections do happen: people trip over ethernet cables, ISPs go down, and so on. We don’t want to permanently ban anyone who ever has connection problems. However, even if someone is disconnecting unintentionally, at a certain point it becomes a bad idea to start an important match with that person until they get their connection issues straightened out.
  4. We want a clear-cut rule that impersonally resolves these situations without provoking argument or dispute about factual details. As always, the problem with removing discretion and flexibility is that you end up with some percentage of unfairly harsh cases.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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