This Weekend’s Featured Matches (June 28–29)

Greetings, Summoners! Here’s what’s happening this weekend.

On Saturday, June 28, Piltover and Bandle City will play a standard best-of-three round of Featured Matches, shoutcasted by LoL Tourneys.

On Sunday, June 29, we will hold a special set of matches that tie in with the Battle of Shurima Desert. Confronted with prophetic visions of a Void apocalypse if Zaun’s mines are not immediately destroyed, King Jarvan III has ordered his armies to march into Shurima. Piltover and Bandle City have agreed to join Demacia in this action, a grievous violation of the Shuriman Edict by which the League has forbidden any use of force to seize territory in Shurima. These matches will be worth a base value of 10 points each. These matches symbolically represent the clash in Shurima, not contests on the Fields of Justice.

Saturday, June 28: Piltover versus Bandle City

They might be allies now, but there’s still time for a little friendly rivalry between Piltover and Bandle City. This will be a standard best-of-three round of Featured Matches, shoutcasted by LoL Tourneys. The first match will begin at 12:30 Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern).

(Matches complete!)

I wasn’t able to get screenshots for the first two matches, but here’s the roster breakdown for Match III:

lolnexus (1)

Sunday, June 29: The Battle of Shurima Desert (Demacia, Piltover, Bandle City vs. Zaun)

The votes are in for Interactive Lore Event V. Faced with a terrible prophecy of imminent catastrophe unless Zaun’s reckless exploitation of pyrikhos is stopped, Demacia’s Summoners have chosen to deploy their army to seize Zaun’s pyrikhos mines by force, in contravention of the League’s mandate. Piltover and Bandle City have both narrowly decided to throw their lot in with Demacia. (And I mean narrowly: Bandle City’s decision was made by a margin of less than five percent.) If successful, Demacia will destroy the mines, drastically reducing Zaun’s access to pyrikhos. Their mission is not to eradicate all pyrikhos, but only this large mining operation.

The battle for Shurima Desert will take place this Sunday, June 29. We will hold a best-of-three set of matches between Demacia and Zaun. The outcomes of these matches will not necessarily be dispositive as to how the battle plays out, but will have a significant impact.

Summoners declared for Demacia, Piltover, and Bandle City will all be eligible to fight for Demacia in these matches. The Demacian team will be allowed to bring up to two Champions per match from the Bandle City and Piltover rosters.

Depending on how certain other aspects of the lore event play out, Zaun may be receiving some help from Noxus. If so, they will be able to take up to one Noxian Champion per match.

List of who’s signed up.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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6 comments on “This Weekend’s Featured Matches (June 28–29)
  1. […] in order to stop a prophesied Void apocalypse. This led to a massive battle in Shurima. We held a round of special Featured Matches this weekend, which influenced how that played […]

  2. BlackRose02 says:

    I expected Demacia and Piltover attackimg, but Bandle City? We should have let those traitorous yordles get eaten by zombies,

    • XeronNosoul says:

      I want Darius! Give me Darius!

    • InsertCleverNicknameHere says:

      Your opinion has been noted, hypocrite. Bandle City works toward far more goals than you could ever dream to accomplish. And don’t forget that Demacia is in direct violation of the League currently, so watch where you step, Summoner.

      • XeronNosoul says:

        Bandle works towards far more goals than they could ever dream to accomplish. At least they got to the moon, but we will soon join them up there. Orbital Mundo Strikes, INCOMING!

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