Sunday, June 29: The Battle of Shurima (Schedule, Stream)

Reddit Thread: FACTIONS — Demacia versus Zaun — Riot Paddo guest-casting!

Splitting a mountain1

Illustration by Summoner 333lom.

This tournament is part of the Hextech Revolution storyline. This arc centers around the discovery of an abundant Void-touched hextech energy source in the Shurima Desert, the “dark sand” (or “pyrikhos”), which makes mass-produced techmaturgy possible — at the risk of tearing open another portal to the Void.

On Sunday, June 29, Demacia will march into the Shurima Desert in an attempt to seize and destroy Zaun’s pyrikhos mines, acting to avert a prophesied Void apocalypse. You can read the lore update leading into this clash here:

Update 8: Shield of Light

Rather than just having Factions staff say what happens when these forces meet, we’ll handle it probabilistically. Each side has a roughly even chance of victory to begin with, but we’ll hold a round of special Featured Matches that will significantly increase the winning side’s odds — drastically so if they manage to win the set 3–0.

Both sides are bringing allies to this battle. Piltover and Bandle City are fighting alongside Demacia, while Noxus deploys its legions to reinforce Zaun’s mines.

Schedule of Matches

There will be a different set of ranks allowed for each team in each match.

Match One (SSSBB)

Match Two (PPGGG)

Match Three (DPGSB)

As usual, teams will have until 15 minutes after the posted start time to get their team ready. If necessary, teams can “underfill” slots: e.g., they can bring a Bronze in place of a Silver.

Rank is defined as the higher of:

  • Rank at the end of Season 3
  • Current rank

In both cases, by “rank” we mean “solo queue Summoner’s Rift” rank”.


Demacia, Bandle City, and Piltover Summoners will all be free to play on the Demacia side.

Demacia will be captained by 501st Big Mike, who will select Summoners from these factions to fight against Zaun.

Zaun will be captained by Naggarok, who will select the Zaunite team.

Talk to your side’s captain if you’d like to play. If you’re Demacia/Bandle/Piltover, talk to 501st Big Mike. If you’re Zaun, talk to Naggarok.

Here’s a list of Summoners who have signed up in advance, although others are more than welcome to talk to captains about joining in.



The Demacian team will be allowed to bring up to two Champions per match from the Bandle City and Piltover rosters. There is no restriction that forces Bandle City Summoners to play Bandle City Champions or whatnot; if it makes it more clear, you can think of it as “Bandle City and Piltover Summoners are considered Demacian Summoners for this match”.


Zaun will be able to take up to two Noxian Champions per match from the following list: Cassiopeia, Darius, Draven, Katarina, LeBlanc, Morgana, Sion, Sivir, Swain, Talon, Urgot. The Pharmakon II bonus will be in effect. Zaun will get to roll against each opposing faction in each match; if successful, it will get one ban against that faction’s roster, representing its psi-mages disabling that Champion for part of the battle. However, as they will all be marching under Demacia’s protection, Zaun will have to roll a d8 in each case.

Since these matches are not “actual” League matches but a representation of combat, no sanctions will apply.


If Ceruleana is to be believed, the most important matter at stake is preventing an apocalyptic Void invasion. However, there are some other “prizes”:

  • Points. Each match will have a base value of 10 points. If Demacia’s side wins, Demacia will gain half the usual amount of points, which will be calculated using Demacia’s current BoP standing for the faction standing adjust. An equal amount of points will then be divvied up between Piltover and Bandle City, even if they didn’t contribute to the match. (We don’t want to in any way discourage Demacia from letting Piltover or Bandle City Summoners get in the mix.)
  • Victory bonus. The winning side will receive a flat 20-point boost. If Demacia wins, half the boost will go to Demacia, and the other half will be evenly divided between Piltover and Bandle City. No bonus Champions will be acquired from these matches.

Other impacts may include:

  • Demacia and its allies will likely be punished by the League for their brash violation of its laws. We have internal staff notes with details, but we don’t want to spill anything early.
  • The world might or might not get eaten by Voidlings.
  • If Zaun loses the mines, it will seriously reduce their access to pyrikhos.


Unless otherwise indicated, we will be using standard Tournament rules.


Please direct questions to CupcakeTrap, 501st Big Mike, or another Factions staffer.



Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Sunday, June 29: The Battle of Shurima (Schedule, Stream)
  1. doyouevenrift says:

    Question for CupcakeTrap

    Any way someone could volunteer to cast a few games? Maybe not for this set but later. I’ve been trying to get into the casting scene for a while now and I’ve been playing quite a few faction games and am interested in helping in the scene.


  2. Any way someone could cast the games? I’m watching one right now, and I see you already have casters, but I would really like to gain experience as a caster. I’ve been playing for years and am Platinum ranked so I think I have substantial knowledge.


  3. Companion Prism says:

    Huzzah for the considerably larger than any other Field 14 Zaun just received from the League! Even if the so called ‘Grand Alliance’ wrenches the pyrikhos tools from the hands of those who battle to save the world, all hope will not be lost!

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