Shoutcast Matches

We encourage Factions community members to stream and cast matches. It can be a lot of fun, and helps build the community. This page will briefly explain how to get started casting some pick-up matches.

Getting Started

There are two main components here: streaming and shoutcasting.

Streaming requires a moderately powerful computer, some free software, and a free Twitch.TV account.

Casting requires a microphone, free voice chat software, and someone to stream the match for you.

If you can stream, start with that. When you’re ready, just hop into the Factions chat and organize a match, then share your stream there.

You can submit particularly good shoutcasting videos here; we’ll select our favorites and add them to the gallery.

If you find a co-caster you work well with, you might consider contacting us to propose a regular time slot during which you can organize shoutcasted matches.

Streamers/Shoutcasters Chat

We have a chat set up for shoutcasters and streamers to meet up:


Shoutcasting Guide

This is a basic guide to shoutcasting Factions matches.

Technical Details

All of these programs are free. If you encounter hardware problems, try reducing the resolution. (This is helpful for viewers with less-powerful computers as well.)

  1. Sign up for a account.
  2. Download and install Open Broadcaster Software.
  3. Here’s a quick guide to setting up OBS:
  4. And here’s another guide:
  5. Tell OBS to upload vid to your Twitch account.  It’s in the preferences menu. Basically, you copy and paste your stream key from the Twitch.TV dashboard. If you run into trouble, google it; there are a lot of internet guides.
  6. You can meet your co-casters in the Factions Raidcall channel, which has designated Community Casting rooms. You may need to set your Raidcall audio output to your main speakers to get OBS to relay it properly.
  7. Start casting! Organize a match, link your channel, and go.
  8. If you run into weird trouble when you get into game, try setting LoL to borderless instead of full-screen.
  9. If you think it was a particularly good match, you can send in the video and we’ll consider it for inclusion on our highlights page. Be sure to upload the vid via Twitch beforehand.

Style Guidelines

  1. Cast with someone else if you can; casting solo is quite difficult.
  2. Check your mic setup. A basic gaming headset actually captures sound rather well. It doesn’t hurt to solicit feedback from viewers — is my voice too loud compared to the in-game audio? Is my volume about the same as my co-caster’s?
  3. If you need to suddenly have an RL conversation, munch on potato chips, or sneeze, hit the mute button.
  4. Find your casting voice. You probably want to speak a little more slowly and clearly than usual.
  5. Think about what style you want to adopt. Don’t necessarily make a beeline for the rapid-fire LCS-style casting method.
  6. Profanity isn’t forbidden, but think carefully about whether you want to use it. It gets unclassy real fast.
  7. Racial slurs, homophobic remarks, and similar negative language that demeans an RL group of people is absolutely not okay.
  8. Generally, it’s best to keep it positive: given the choice, it’s usually better to highlight good plays than to criticize bad plays. While pointing out mistakes can be instructive, it’s often better to focus mostly on how the other team took advantage of the situation, or just make a few sympathetic jokes. (“That looked like it hurt.”)
  9. We heartily endorse music from Area of Defect, Badministrator, The Yordles, and other LoL artists.
  10. Deman has an excellent video up that gives some tips for shoutcasting.

Casting Calendar

We are currently coordinating with community casters to set up a casting calendar for the week. Stay tuned.

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