Discussion Thread Compilation, General Agenda

Hello all,

I wanted to take a moment to gather together the various discussion threads we’ve had so far and share an overview of what’s coming next.


Here are the discussion threads we’ve put together so far. You’re welcome to come comment in them! This is the best way to share feedback and suggestions, and to ask general questions.

  • General Comments/Suggestions
    • Comments on Hextech Revolution and prior arcs, as well as changes you’d like to see going forward.
    • If your idea for making Factions better doesn’t fit elsewhere, try posting it here.
  • Disconnection Rule
    • How do we handle pick-up matches in which someone disconnects or AFKs?
  • Arc Ideas
    • Have some story ideas for the sixth arc?
    • So far, the plan is to have the sixth arc center around the discovery of a new continent. That leaves room for all kinds of subplots and story elements.
  • Faction Champion Lists / World Systems
    • I’ve drafted up Champion lists (now sorted into three tiers) for each faction. I’ve also overhauled the “world systems”, such as research. The goal here is to standardize the rules and procedures, both to increase efficiency and to improve fairness. To the extent possible, we want to do things by the book and leave less need for ad hoc staff decisions.


Here’s what we’re working on now. I’d like to get as much of this done tonight as possible.

  • Final Hextech Revolution Lore Event. I’ve tried to gather up all the loose ends and put them into a final lore event.
  • Epilogue. I know, we still need a Voidpocalypse piece. Montesque is working on that. There might be one other arc-ending lore piece as well. However, I’m going to focus on putting together an Epilogue that explores what happened with the search for the Atlanteans and leads the way to the next arc. The lore event results will be part of this.
  • Sixth arc faction selection vote. I think it’s about time that we get this vote up and running. That will require a quick intro to the sixth arc and a summary of each potential faction’s objectives should they be selected, as well as semi-final Champion lists (Core/Secondary/Tertiary). I want to get this posted tonight, if at all possible.
  • Community vs. Staff tournament. Big Mike is continuing the Intermission Tournament series next weekend with a community vs. staff tournament. We hope to have the signups posted tonight or tomorrow.
  • Skill adjust algorithm enhancement. Please keep the balance matches coming! I’m going to expand the dataset with all past arc matches, as well as the balance matches, and run some more sophisticated statistical analysis. This will hopefully allow us to implement a more empirically grounded set of tier values for the skill-adjust algorithm.
  • The Summoner’s Herald, Vol. I, Issue 2. I want to get this out sometime next week if possible. If you have a story you’d like to contribute, please do so! (At this point, it’s probably safe to just write it and then send it in.)


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Discussion Thread Compilation, General Agenda
  1. StormRevolver says:

    lets make a lore event for finding gnar! XD

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