Call for Submissions: Write Lore for Beyond the Battlefield!

We have hired some new staff members, CrazedPorcupine and MaskedN6732, to review submissions for Beyond the Battlefield.

Beyond the Battlefield is one of our key lore channels, focused on filling in parts of the story not covered in the central lore updates. We welcome submissions from the general Factions community.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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5 comments on “Call for Submissions: Write Lore for Beyond the Battlefield!
  1. XeronNosoul says:

    I was thinking of doing a kind of interview/description for our(Zaun’s) main team, describing Rahh, Till, Necro, Nagga, Pallys, and myself. I need to check with them to get more details and bounce ideas off. It is likely going to be a bit comedic and a bit informative based on my observations of my teammates/rival (Yes, that means you Rahh), and I’ll likely give descriptions of some of the other known Zaunites(for better or for worse). Would this be acceptable for Beyond the Battlefield? I’ll also like someone else to do the part about me if possible, since I doubt I can fully escape my own self-bias.

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