Intermission Tournament III — Community versus Staff (Schedule)


Welcome to Intermission Tournaments, where it’s all made up and the points don’t matter.

Reddit Thread: August 2–3 Sat–Sun Factions Tournament: Come watch the Freljord, Demacia, and others fight it out!

Factions is currently in intermission, as we have just completed the Hextech Revolution storyline and are now working on setting up the next one. (Speaking of, if you haven’t already, feel free to come cast your vote for which factions you want to be playable in the next arc.) To keep things interesting, we’re running non-scored intermission tournaments each weekend during intermission.

Each weekend has a theme. This weekend’s theme is Community versus Staff. On Saturday, several community teams will select a faction to play as and fight it out for supremacy. On Sunday, the strongest community team will face a staff team in a final showdown.

What’s the prize? Well, since the next arc will involve the discovery and exploration of a new continent surrounded by islands, it seems appropriate to bring that in. The members of the winning team will each be allowed to name and customize one of the islands in the next arc, in conjunction with lorestaff.

Matches are streamed at

Come watch! You can also hang out in the Factions in-client chat:


and meet the community there.

Schedule for Saturday, August 2

Teams are allowed to select their factions for these matches. For more detailed information, see the GDoc written up by 501st Big Mike.

Match I

Match II

Match III

Schedule for Sunday, August 3

Team #rahhzilla went undefeated on Saturday, and advanced to the final round: a showdown with staff. They continued to use Demacia’s roster. To make it challenging, staff were allowed to use any non-Demacian Champion in these matches. However, not only did Team #rahhzilla get a set of bans, but they got to dictate staff’s bans, effectively granting a total of 6 bans (in addition to all Demacian Champions).

Match IV

Match V

Match VI


The community was victorious! As a reward, the members of Team #rahhzilla will each be allowed to help name and create one of the newly discovered islands that will be part of this next storyline.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. rahhzilla says:

    This was a proud day in rahhzilla history, a day by the rahhzilla, for the rahhzilla.

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