Reporting DCs, AFKs, ragers, toxicity.

With the wave of new players this past week, we’ve gotten some bad apples in the bunch.

That being said, please remember that Factions is for everyone to have fun and try out new team comps and strategies. That means you might find someone trying out a champion they aren’t too familiar with. It can be frustrating, but please try to remain positive and help your fellow players!

The rules for disconnections can be read here:

You can also go here to report leavers:
We especially need to know about repeat offenders!

Some of the staff members have been talking about making a blacklist of repeated leavers, so please explain everything in as much detail possible when reporting!
You can also use the above link to report ragers, trolls and toxic players for now.  

We’ll add them to the list and keep an eye on them for future reference. People can DC or AFK for many reasons due to irl issues, dropped internet connection or computer trouble. But if you see someone blatantly feeding, quitting, or afk’g please let us know. We’ll usually give people another chance if they didn’t mean to disconnect or AFK.

So go out there and fight for your faction!
But most importantly, remember these wise words from Lux.

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