Rules on Disconnections


Disconnections happen sometimes. We have rules for handling such scenarios in Factions. I encourage everyone to quickly review the Factions Match Rules page.

Here’s an excerpt on disconnects, listing three options for dealing with a Summoner who has been taken out of action.


If someone disconnects or afks, generally the best thing to do is to /pause the match. (If it happened within the first 5 minutes of the match, the team that is down a player may instead call a rematch. Please report the disconnection regardless.) If the person doesn’t come back, there are some options. Whatever option is chosen, please report the leaver, even if it was not intentional.

  • Chivalry: This is the traditional Factions means of resolving such situations, and is strongly preferred. If both teams agree, a Summoner on the opposing side may voluntarily bench themself at the fountain, taking no further part in the match, to restore the teams to even footing. The match is then played to completion. It will be worth full points and everyone will be happier.
  • Forfeit: The leaver’s team may choose to forfeit. If they do, the match will only be worth half points, with no skill adjust applied. (If Factions staff have cause to believe that anyone is doing this deliberately to gain an advantage, the punishment will be severe.)
  • Play On: The team with the leaver may instead choose to play on as-is. If the team with the leaver loses, the match value will be reduced by 20%. If the team with the leaver wins, the match value will be increased by 20%. (Again, if anyone is such an insufferable tryhard that they try to game this rule for unfair advantage, the punishment will be harsh.)

Please indicate which option was selected in the match report.

Lore Time!

This seems topical, so let me also take this opportunity to add a bit more detail on who Summoners are in Factions.

  • Mages. You’re a wizard, Harry! You are a mage with powerful magic.
  • Not a creepy slavemaster (necessarily). Some of you might be pretty spooky, especially those of you us who have declared for the Shadow Isles. Still, Summoners do not mind-control Champions around the Fields like puppets. Instead, you watch their back, supporting them with magical items and spells while giving tactical advice.
  • Respected advisers. Your faction will seek your advice on important decisions.

You don’t always wear purple, but there’s nothing wrong with purple. Purple is fine.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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