September 13-14 Featured Matches


Featured Matches Expand

Featured Matches are being held in two regions now! NA has been hosting featured matches every weekend for a long time but now EUW is also hosting featured matches on the weekend. It is great to see factions continue to expand and give more players the opportunity to participate in the featured matches.

Sign ups for both NA and EUW featured matches are posted here. Please make sure to double check that you are signing up for the correct region as the servers don’t allow us to invite player from other regions to our games.

NA featured matches start at 12:30pm Pacific time and last for an estimated 3 hours (3 games, about 1 hour each) both Saturday and Sunday. EUW featured matches start at 17:00 GMT both days and last about 2 hours (2 games, 1 hour each). All that said, make sure your familiar with the featured match/tournament rules, practice playing with your faction’s champions, and basically just listen to Galio.

NA Sign Ups

September 13 – Ionia vs The Freljord

September 14 – Bilgewater vs The Shadow Isles


Edit: Due to computer problems the sign ups forms didn’t save correctly and read “faction 1” and “faction 2” instead of the actual factions. I wasn’t able to edit/fix this until now as I was in classes all day, but for those who already signed up Faction 1 was changed to Ionia/Bilgewater and Faction 2 is now The Freljord/ The Shadow Isles. Anyone who wishes to check on or edit their submission can do so through the edit link that the forms gives you on completion (if you lost this link submit another and in the other section let us now it was a repeat).

EUW Sign Ups

Unfortunately Summoner Halfy was attacked by vicious bandits while trying to get the proper forms made. She will get the sign ups to us just as soon as she can fight them off. I was going to help her out but then I heard that Bandle City was having a food eating contest and ran there as fast as I could. Halfy successfully fought off the bandits and has gotten the sign up forms to us.

Player Sign ups

Day 1: Shadow Isles vs Freljord

Day 2: Bilgewater vs Ionia

Casting/Streaming Sign ups


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5 comments on “September 13-14 Featured Matches
  1. Did you eventually win that contest?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      It was a nail biter to say the least. It came down to me and Gragas, and it looked like he was going to win big time. Luckily he passed out after his 6th keg of ale and I won by default.

      • StormRevolver says:

        you outdrunk gragas? o.O i call haxx XD

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        The only reason I didn’t win is because Bandle City banned me from their city state for bringing Kog’maw to their Annual Summer Water Fight.


      • 501stbigmike says:

        For the record, it was a food eating contest, not a drinking contest. So, no I didn’t out drink him, he just passed out from drinking too much during the eating contest. Out drinking Gragas would probably require me to die of severe alcohol poisoning immediately after.

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