Update 10: The Terror of the Void

For the past few weeks, I’ve been focused almost exclusively on getting the revised scoreboard up and running, with the new winrate-based skill gap adjust. With that set up, and its day-to-day operation entrusted to the meticulous hands of Banane des Bois, I have turned my attention to some long-overdue lore.

Montesque64 actually had most of this lore update from Hextech Revolution written a week or so ago, but I wasn’t able to pitch in myself until recently. Well, here you go.

Yes, it’s a bit silly that we’re only now releasing Update 10 from Hextech Revolution, the previous arc, several weeks into the current arc. My bad on that. But I hope you enjoy it! This one describes the ferocious battle between the Void and several nations of Runeterra, as they struggle to close a Void portal that’s opened within Zaun’s dark sand mines in Shurima.

Hextech Revolution Update 10: The Terror of the Void

Enjoy! More lore coming Soon™.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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