September 27-28 NA Featured Matches Schedule


Featured Matches Info

I’ve had some people ask me about some questions they had on a few things about how the Featured Matches work. To try and help solve any confusion, I’m going to give a brief rundown of a few of new changes/rules we have going on right now.


The matches will be streamed at

Skill Tiers

We are using a new skill tier configuration based on the sign ups for the games to try to make it so we can prevent the problems we have experienced with faction being forced to forfeit from a lack of players. In the past we have already try to do things similar to this, but the new configuration set up should improve on this.

After analyzing match data, CupcakeTrap discovered that Diamond and Platinum players have a 50% win rate against each other (when a Diamond and Platinum play against each other they both win an equal amount of the time). With this new info, we have made it so that in featured matches Diamonds and Platinums are interchangeable. By grouping these high skill tiers together, it creates more people who can fill that slot in the games without under filling.

What are my Chances of Playing in a Featured Match?

The answer is: pretty high. The NA sign ups usually get around 40-50 sign ups from players a week. This leaves around 12 players per faction (this is an estimate as the number of sign ups per faction is not even). Each faction ends up with 15 player slots per week of featured matches, and since 15 slots is higher than the average 12 players per faction, the players who sign up have a very good chance of actually playing in the games.

What if I didn’t sign up? Well, in that case, your chances are significantly lower (incentive to sign up), but not gone. When people scheduled to play in the featured matches don’t show up, we look for players in the factions chat to fill the empty slots. To date, I have never had a week of featured matches where I didn’t have to look for players in  the factions chat because of players not showing up to they games they were scheduled to play in. (CupcakeTrap adds: speaking of, please let us know if you can’t make it. I understand that people get busy, but it actually can make things very stressful if we have to dash around searching for subs at the last minute, especially if it ends in a forfeit.)

Unranked and Below lvl 30

Many players have asked if they can play in featured matches if they are unranked or below level 30. The answer is yes. I somewhat group them in with bronze tier (as if they were to play ranked they could not be ranked any lower than that) but I do give the actual bronze players a little priority so as to not put a faction at a disadvantage.


Simply put, factions can underfill a slot by having a player with a lower skill tier than the listed slot but they can not overfill by having a player higher than the listed slot. Underfilling, although it means that a faction will be at a disadvantage, it better than a team having to forfeit.


CupcakeTrap here! I’ve decided that we ought to try out one of the proposed (and recently discussed) anti-forfeit rules, concerning overfilling. For this weekend, the following rule shall be in effect.

Proposed Over-Filling Rule
If a team remains incomplete at 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, despite a good-faith effort to fill or underfill the spot, it may overfill with a Summoner no more than one Tier higher than would normally be allowed.

  • This may only be invoked once per set of Featured Matches.
  • The other team will receive one Champion ban for this match, as a sign of the League’s displeasure.
  • (Other adjusts applied to prizes.)

Note: A Gold slot may be filled with either a Diamond or a Platinum.


Other than the special over-filling rule noted above, matches are to be conducted using standard Factions Tournament Rules.


CupcakeTrap here again! I’m hijacking Mike’s post to add some information on stakes. They will be:

  • The usual block of points (see: previous matches this arc … and yes, we’re about to revamp the Featured Matches rules to make it more interesting and consistent)
  • Minor lore stakes, discussed below. These will play into the (very shortly) upcoming Prologue.

I’ve also added some pretty pictures. Looking forward to seeing these matches tomorrow!

Saturday, September 27 NA Featured Match Schedule

Champions and Summoners of the League of Legends! Take notice that on Saturday, the 27th of September, 24 CLE, the Serene Realm of Ionia and the Maritime Republic of Bilgewater shall meet upon that Field of Justice called Summoner’s Rift, there to contest by force and arms the question of who shall be permitted to lead the initial aerial survey of Nyroth, to be conducted by Piltovian airship or Zaunite zeppelin.


It has long been proverbial wisdom that Ionian poise and restraint, exemplified perhaps by the ninja, is inherently inconsistent with the wild self-indulgence that typifies Bilgewater’s piratical population. Pirates and ninja simply do not get along.

The League will soon dispatch an airship expedition to briefly survey Nyroth. It had determined that two Champions and two Summoners should lead the expedition together, one such pair from Ionia and one such pair from Bilgewater. (Not only are both performing well on the Fields, but the Council determined that Ionia’s arcane sophistication would be useful in surveying an island said to be full of strange new magics, and that likewise Bilgewater’s rough-hewn aptitude for exploration would be valuable when traveling to uncharted territory.) But there is a problem: the two factions refuse to cooperate, each insisting on sole authority over the expedition. Growing weary of the arguing, the Council has decreed that this matter shall be settled on the Fields of Justice. Whichever faction is victorious on this 27th day of September, 24 CLE, shall be granted the exclusive right to dispatch a Champion (chosen by a lightning poll after the matches) and a Summoner (randomly selected from a list of all participants in these matches) to lead this flyover survey of Nyroth. If Ionia prevails, it will be conducted by Piltovian airship; if Bilgewater wins, by one of Zaun’s zeppelins.

Match One — 12:30 Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) — GSSBB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop   Color Caster: JDmage       Play-by-play Caster: rahh231

for Ionia

  •     Gold: Junpei Tenmyouji(subs: Junpei Tenmyouji, LightPhyXer)
  •     Silver: Zukanamee
  •     Silver: Purple Bavarois
  •     Bronze: sophiechan (subs: Birkeland)
  •     Bronze: Birkeland

for Bilgewater (overfilled-Animorpherv1 is silver)

  •     Gold: deuxmachinax (subs: Sgt Porkchop, rahh231, Menarndi, JDmage)
  •     Silver: KatarinaOrIFeed
  •     Silver: A Cool Ninetails
  •     Bronze: jrob593 (subs: ZBat21)
  •     Bronze: Animorpherv1

Match Two — 1:30 Pacific (2:30 Mountain, 3:30 Central, 4:30 Eastern) — GGSSS

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop   Color Caster: 501st Big Mike       Play-by-play Caster: Heavyweapons guy

for Bilgewater

  •     Gold: rahh231(subs: rahh231, Sgt Porkchop, deuxmachinax)
  •     Gold: JDmage
  •     Silver: Kjackice (subs: A Cool Ninetails)
  •     Silver: Animorpherv1
  •     Silver: KatarinaOrIFeed

for Ionia

  •     Gold: LightPhyXer (subs: Dussodjomo)
  •     Gold: Dussodjomo
  •     Silver: Zukanamee
  •     Silver: Purple Bavarois
  •     Silver: sunburst9

Match Three — 2:30 Pacific (3:30 Mountain, 4:30 Central, 5:30 Eastern) — DDDGG

Streamer:    Color Caster: JDmage       Play-by-play Caster: 501st Big Mike

for Ionia

  •     Diamond/Plat: Kaiden
  •     Diamond/Plat: EliteBaM
  •     Diamond/Plat: Catbox
  •     Gold: LightPhyXer (subs: LightPhyXer)
  •     Gold: Dussodjomo

for Bilgewater

  •     Diamond/Plat: heavyweapons guy (subs: Naggarok)
  •     Diamond/Plat: SonOfTill
  •     Diamond/Plat: Naggarok
  •     Gold: Sgt Porkchop (subs: deuxmachinax, Menarndi, JDmage)
  •     Gold: rahh231

Sunday, September 28 NA Featured Match Schedule

Champions and Summoners of the League of Legends! Take notice that on Sunday, the 28th of September, 24 CLE, the Shadow Isles and the Freljord shall meet upon that Field of Justice called Summoner’s Rift, there to contest by force and arms the question of the ownership of a block of True Ice discovered near Nyroth.


Though the League of Legends has marked Nyroth off-limits, that hasn’t stopped the factions from patrolling as close as they can to that line. A Freljordian longship under Volibear and a sail-barge captained by Thresh were each recently skirting this border, presumably attempting to get a glimpse of the continent itself through the storm, when they caught sight of something in a nearby ice floe that radiated magical power. They both instantly changed course and attempted to seize the artifact, knowing that even in the League possession is the greater part of the law. Soon, the warriors of the Winter’s Claw and Thresh’s skeletal sailors were locked in combat atop the rocking mass of ice. It’s difficult to say how this might have ended, had a ship flying the Council’s flag not arrived. Its Summoner captain declared that she was placing the object under Council control pending further investigation.

It turned out to be a block of True Ice, or something very like True Ice, apparently containing a humanoid figure. Both the Shadow Isles and the Freljord — specifically, the Frostguard — have asserted custody over the object, and the right to attempt to “thaw” it.

Match One — 12:30 Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) — GSSBB

Streamer: Heavyweapons guy   Color Caster: JDmage       Play-by-play Caster: Sgt Porkchop

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Gold: PONCHOGRANDE (subs: drmigit2)
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer
  •     Silver: FrigidVengence
  •     Bronze: RaptorAttacks (subs: 2sp00ky, WierdAlYankovic)
  •     Bronze: Kuronan

for the Freljord

  •     Gold: RandalFyflepipes
  •     Silver: ClanShadows (subs: Vl Bot)
  •     Silver: MetricTrout
  •     Bronze: Calzonious (subs: Suicide Sin, bobyjhon123)
  •     Bronze: jerome045

Match Two — 1:30 Pacific (2:30 Mountain, 3:30 Central, 4:30 Eastern) — DSSBB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop   Color Caster: JDmage       Play-by-play Caster: rahh231

for the Freljord

  •     Diamond/Plat: Hellioning (subs: Wãlrüs, RustSka)
  •     Silver: MetricTrout (subs: ClanShadows)
  •     Silver: Vl Bot
  •     Bronze: Suicide Sin (subs: bobyjhon123, Calzonious)
  •     Bronze: jerome045

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Diamond/Plat: LastPunisher (subs: silencermage)
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer
  •     Silver: FrigidVengence
  •     Bronze: RaptorAttacks (subs: Kuronan, 2sp00ky)
  •     Bronze: WierdAlYankovic

Match Three — 2:30 Pacific (3:30 Mountain, 4:30 Central, 5:30 Eastern) — DPGSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop   Color Caster: Heavyweapons guy       Play-by-play Caster: Sgt Porkchop

for the Shadow Isles

  •     Diamond/Plat: LastPunisher
  •     Diamond/Plat: silencermage
  •     Gold: drmigit2 (subs: PONCHOGRANDE)
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer
  •     Bronze: Kuronan (subs: WierdAlYankovic, 2sp00ky)

for the Freljord

  •     Diamond/Plat: JoeIsHere (subs: Wãlrüs, Hellioning)
  •     Diamond/Plat: RustSka
  •     Gold: RandalFyflepipes
  •     Silver: ClanShadows (subs: MetricTrout, Vl Bot)
  •     Bronze: Calzonious (subs: jerome045, Suicide Sin, bobyjhon123)
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  1. drmigit2 says:

    Is that a champion in the true ice? If the spooky skeletons get gnar, it shall be glorious

  2. epic achilles says:

    I did end up changing my name to 2sp00ky, just thought you should know

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