On EUW Featured Matches and where they’re going

Hello. This is Halfy speaking, EUW Lead Matchstaff and hostess of the weekly EUW Featured Matches streams. This isn’t going to be a very happy post, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Sorry!
I’m having trouble justifying doing EUW Featured Matches and think they’re going to have to be cancelled.

Running pick-up matches on the weekend is a chore to me, and sometimes there aren’t enough people for even those. The first few weeks the featured matches were great, but people slowly faded away. Last week we received 10 signups. This week, 5. There’s not enough people for Featured Matches, and there’s not enough people for Pick-up Matches. Our schedule also conflicts with that of Worlds and we simply cannot compete, and there’s still a lot of weeks before Worlds end. Maybe more people will be avaliable when that happens, but right now, running Featured Matches in EUW is an impossible task and I’m most likely going to stop trying.

I will still run tournaments whenever those happen, as EUW Lead Matchstaff, with bigger, visible stakes. I believe due to how tournaments are spaced out that sign-ups won’t be a problem, and getting bored of the routine of Featured Matches won’t be either.

With sadness in my heart, I have to bid farewell to EUW Featured Matches. There’s no way those can continue to be a thing on EUW. The community just isn’t big enough. It seemed to be when EUW FM started, but now the hype has faded out and it just isn’t.Thanks for your time.

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2 comments on “On EUW Featured Matches and where they’re going
  1. StormRevolver says:

    meh maybe i should have dusted off my euw account

  2. DeathVortexxx says:

    Awww, I was hoping to play today. Thanks for trying tho ;/

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