New Factions Forum Thread

There’s been a lot of request for a non-Reddit place to discuss Factions. I’ve created a new GD thread on the League forums for that purpose. (This is a different thread from the verification thread.) Any and all Factions discussion is permitted there.

Link: FACTIONS — General Discussion Thread (Nyroth arc)

Faction-specific discussion (“Hey Bilgewater, what should we do in this lore event?”) is certainly permitted there as well. I’ve also instructed the Community team to start working on setting something more elaborate up for that purpose. In the meantime, this thread should do the trick.

So go say hi! Discuss something! Chat! Talk about your favorite episodes of Captain Zeppelin. Concoct strategies for your faction. I will try to read everything there, and respond as appropriate.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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