Lore Feedback, Questions, and Suggestions


This was actually going to be the plot of Nyroth until we got some community feedback and reworked it. (Really! You can trust me. I’m a very trustworthy cupcake.) Community feedback is vital.

Community involvement and feedback is a huge part of Factions. Some of our best ideas have come from the community — and some of our worst ideas have been nixed just in the nick of time thanks to community members pointing them out and suggesting a rework. Without community engagement, we might end up doing something totally crazy, like, for example, retconning the League of Legends. Well, I mean, it’s hard to imagine something like that happening, but something almost as crazy surely could occur without an active community to speak up and call attention to faults or gaps.

It occurred to me that so far pretty much all of the discussion threads for Factions lore have been on our subreddit, and that this may have kept some people out of the conversation. I had made a note to work on that area at some point, but it wasn’t at the top of my list. It got bumped up toward the top as I read through some of the comments on the first lore event and found some valuable feedback there.

So, just to start with, here’s a simple Google Form (also embedded below) that you can use to submit questions, comments, and suggestions about Factions lore.

A few examples of types of feedback that would be helpful:

  • Questions about elements that came across as ambiguous in the lore.
    • “Wait, does Miss Fortune want to ally Bilgewater with Demacia?”
    • “What happened to the Noxian refugees in Shon-Xan?”
    • “What’s the deal with Ceruleana?”
  • Suggestions for story elements.
    • “Do something with Fiddlesticks.”
    • “There should be more about the search for the Moonstone.”
    • “More exploration and research, less fighting.”
  • Favorite moments or themes, e.g. that you’d like more of.
    • “I really liked the part where Rammus joined Piltover, because that made lots of sense!” #shame
  • Places where the portrayal of a character seemed odd.
    • “Does MF really want to kill Gangplank, or was she just super pissed off?”
    • “What’s going on with Sion?”

Please don’t shy away from critical feedback: Factions is community lore, and that means that you’re part of the process. If something ticks you off and you have a better idea, or even if you don’t, come forward and let us know. That said, I’ll add in the usual author’s request: also tell us what we’re doing right, or what you enjoyed. It can be difficult when the only feedback is “this sucked, change it to this” or “I hate this character”. Knowing what people didn’t like is valuable, but it’s also important to know what you want more of.

And here are the responses so far. (Embedded below; click here to view the document directly if you’re having trouble getting it to display properly.) The lore team and I will add responses into the same form.

I’ve tried to clearly distinguish between where I’m fairly sure of the answer and where I’m undecided. Regardless, once this discussion wraps up, I plan to take it all back to the lore team so that we can prepare a sort of “lore memo” that summarizes and addresses the most salient points. We’ll then post that up for general community comments and final revisions. For some of the larger topics, the resolution may be “provisionally ____, then have a follow-up discussion on this specific topic so we can explore it further.”


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Lore Feedback, Questions, and Suggestions
  1. RaptorAttacks says:

    Cupcake, I think you’ll find my submission has provided quite a lot of unnecessary useless feedback… but its feedback so I don’t care.

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