10/17 Research Rolls

Welcome to the first research rolls of Arc VI, Nyroth. The lore event will conclude soon, but research was closed this evening so that it could be done tonight because it’s about time.

Balance of Power at the time of this roll:

Bilgewater: 17. 17*4=68 research bonus from BoP.

Freljord: 20. 20*4= 80. 80*1.1=88 research bonus from BoP

Ionia: 7. 7*4=28. 28*1.1=31 research bonus from BoP

Shadow Isles: -44. (Welp.) -44*0.5= -22 research penalty from BoP

Ionia and Bilgewater both have +100 research points for winning the featured matches where it was a secondary prize.

So without further ado: The rolls.


Research Votes

The Moonstone

Math: Primary Votes=30. 30×7=210. Secondary Votes=15. 15*3=45. 210+45=255 total points.

Volcanic Forge

Math: Primary Votes=5. 5*7=35. Secondary Votes=11. 11*3=33. 33+35=68 total points.

The Atlanteans

Math: Primary Votes=6. 6*7=42. Secondary Votes=7. 7*3=21. 21+42=63 total points.


Math: Primary Votes=5. 5*7=35 Secondary Votes=2. 2*3=6. 6+35=41 total points.

Pyrikhos Smuggling

Math: Primary Votes=3. 3*7=21. Secondary Votes=4. 4*3=12. 12+21=33 total points.

Reformist Bounties

Math: Primary Votes=2. 2*7=14. Secondary Votes=6. 6*3=18. 18+14=32 total points

Letters of Marque

Math: Primary Votes=1. 1*7=7. Secondary Votes=7. 7*3=21. 21+7=28 total points.

So by a gigantic margin, BIlgewater will help the newly elected Ambasseador Nami search for a moonstone and help her people. Riveting stuff.

Actual Research Gain: Base=20. 20*2=40. Rolled 78 for randomness. 78-50=28. 0+40+68+100+28 =236 points gained.

The Moonstone is now 23.6% done

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 52. No eldritch abominations yet.

The Freljord(Ruled By Queen Ashe)

Research Votes

Frostgem Mines

Math: Primary votes=24. 24*7=168. Secondary votes=10. 10*3=30. 168+30=198 total votes.

World Runes

Math: Primary votes=13. 13*7=91. Secondary votes=12. 12*3=36. 36+91=127 total votes.

Naval Tactics

Math: Primary votes=3. 3*7=21. Secondary votes=18. 18*3=54. 54+21=75 total votes.

Freljord has decided that it wants to be an economically viable country. Go you Freljord.

Actual Research Gain: Base=60. 60*2=120. Random roll=37-50=-13. 0+120+88-13 =195 points gained

Frostgem mines is now 19.5% done.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 22. Mine nearly collapsed, but everyone is fine.


Research Votes

The Kinkou

Math: Primary votes=15. 15*7=105. Secondary votes=10. 10*3=30. 105+30=135 total votes.

The Clockwork Monastery

Math: Primary votes=12. 12*7=84. Secondary votes=9. 9*3=27. 84+27=111 total votes.


Math: Primary votes=2. 2*7=14. Secondary votes=8. 8*3=24. 14+24=38 total votes.

Ghosts of Galrin

Math: Primary votes=10. 10*7=70. Secondary votes=7. 7*3=21. 70+21= 91 total votes.

Cosmic Harmony

Math: Primary votes=5. 5*7=35. Secondary votes=10. 10*3=30. 35+30= 65 total votes.

Ionia has decided to rebuild the Kinkou Order and rebuke Zed’s offer. While the ninja trio is extremely pleased, Zed is furious. It extremely unlikely they will be able to secure Zed’s aid without drastic change in Ionian thought.

Actual Research Gain: Base=60. 60*2=120. Random roll=81. 81-50=31 0+120+31+100+31 =282 points gained

The Kinkou is now 28.2% done.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 79. No Shredder attacks thus far.

The Shadow Isles

Research Votes

Nefara’s Favor

Math: Primary votes=3. 3*7=21. Secondary votes=12. 12*3=36. 21+12=33 total votes

Night Terrors

Math: Primary votes=14. 14*7=94. Secondary votes=10. 10*3=30. 94+30=124  total votes

Soul Spire

Math: Primary votes=18. 18*7=126. Secondary votes=9. 9*3=27. 126+27=153 total votes

Stygian Chains

Math: Primary votes=7. 7*7=49. Secondary votes=11. 11*3=33. 49+33= 82 total votes

By a small margin(comparatively), Shadow Isles has decided to damn the souls of Nyroth to the Void in hopes that the land will burn, seas will boil, and even death will die.

Actual Research Gain: Base=30. 30*2=60. Randomness roll=12.12-50=-38. 0+60-22-38 = 0 points gained.

Soul Spire has not made any progress.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base +5% Soul Spire=10% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 13. Apparently they want to push it to the limit.

So that ends today’s rolls. Everyone besides SI made some good progress today and nobody blew up despite Si playing it close. Tomorrow, industry projects for each faction will be finalized and passed around for community input before being rolled for.

if anything looks off or you have comments, please feel free to share below.

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24 comments on “10/17 Research Rolls
  1. Screw it, Ionia, Zed would be so good for us! Hey, Cupcake, would we have lost anything if we got him? Because if not, then losing him was a VERY bad choice imo

  2. silencermage says:

    I absolutely like that idea Chronicler because communication is a huge issue with SI in the other arc i loved zaun because people spoke up commented on the current lore going on with that faction. But with SI nobody talks to anybody so it makes voicing your reasons to other impossible

  3. ChroniclerC says:

    Hey Cupcake. Reading through this, it seems our problem in SI is a lack of communication. I think we need some kind of better forums integration, because at the moment, I think a lot of players are just blowing off the forums because it’s one more login that they have to make instead of just voting, which can be done without any further account making or discussion.
    Does anyone know how difficult it would be to make just a single “Factions” Forums, with sub-factions that can only be accessed if you sign up for that usergroup? (Extra bonuses would be that people wouldn’t have to sign-up for a new forum every time a new arc rolls around or they change factions, and that there would be a good place for general discussion other than the Reddit thing.)

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Consolidating the forums sounds like a pretty good idea. And it is possible, I believe, to create user-groups and give different access to each.

      I’m about to write up a big list of Factions tasks/departments, mostly for purposes of clarifying who’s in charge of what and laying it all out on the table. I think this should be added as a non-critical but very useful task.

  4. silencermage says:

    i also oppose discord and i voted for amumu and sion when we got to try and get a champ. The problem is no one is communicating in any of the forums SI gets up and running the only people who really communicate on SI are like 6-10 specific summoners who do indeed voice there opinions for the polls, champs, and research. Ill be honest if more people gave me good reason to join the void other then kog adc maybe i wouldnt hate the idea so much but right now thats the only thing people want for SI and there not putting any other thought into the arc and lore aspect imo i just think there just needs to be some type of poll or match to truly decide whether SI will go dicord or if they will stay separate imo i know that would be hard on cct and other faction admins as well as moving the arc ahead as a whole but it still just sucks that SI is going to end up being either discord or the voids bitch.

    • naggarok says:

      Well there is the partial problem is that the Shadow Isles has voted to send Nyrothian souls to the void, so they will be involved with the void by some measure at least(you can argue about the flaws of that poll, but I’m not going to include that for the sake of brevity).

      Now a question that should be asked and responded to is what the Shadow Isles endgame goal with the Void is. Do they betray them? Become some undead eldritch abominations? Repent and kill the void through the power of love(and mass amounts of spider babies)?

      That should probably be a question sometime soon.

  5. Matsokune says:

    Bit of a shame Naval Tactics wasn’t the secondary “let’s do this thing, guys” option, but Frostgem Mines holds promise!

  6. LordoftheFourth says:

    “lets all complain about the vote that has made no progress yet, and if this keeps up will never progress.”

    20 bucks says most of “those discord people” (yes im paraphrasing) voted to not get urgot, and that it was all you “not discord people” who voted for him.

  7. Kuronan says:

    aaand we go for Void Spire just as Riot begins preparing to tease a new Champion, which is SPECULATED to be Shadow Isles, maybe an ADC. Maybe I should have voted for Night Terrors more avidly…

  8. silencermage says:

    god damn i really didnt want anything to do with the void but i guess the majority of SI has spoken.

    • StormRevolver says:

      i guess i will just leave SI…

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Personally, I was both surprised and kind of dismayed. I guess people are hoping to re-live Discord’s past glory? But it’s such a dangerous move. Right after the near-Voidpocalypse, too. Setting aside the risk of destroying Nyroth or a big chunk of Runeterra, there’s the mundane danger of discovery. The Council would not be happy about this. I also thought the chance of banning a Summoner spell was pretty strong: e.g., ban flash and get lots of early ganks.

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        Shadow Isles is just trying too hard for Kog’maw now. Why vote in Urgot if you’re gonna immediately spring for a better ADC?

        Make me want to go play with the Ionians, but they don’t have all my favorite spooky champions.

      • StormRevolver says:

        its just every nondiscord summoner voted for 3 different things, and the discord players voted for 1 option so the non discord guys got scattered around. I think there should be a do you wanna go discord or not question simple as that.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        I thought about making it a “checkbox” poll. Maybe I should have? That can pose its own problems, of course.

      • StormRevolver says:

        dunno just trying to rationalize

    • StormRevolver says:

      well atleast we didnt did any progress with that..

  9. Firose says:

    mm. not what i wanted for Ionia but fine.

  10. Rextreff says:


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