Previous Featured Match Rewards and Industry System

This will be my last post before the research rolls, but there are two things of importance.

Featured Match Rewards

As I had mentioned before, the previous weeks of featured matched were not scored. I’m pleased to announce that I have now scored them and will announce what they are. The rewards assigned to the weeks were randomly generated for fairness. I will include every week including the known ones for the sake of consistency they are as follows:

  • Week 1 (8/30-31):  Bilgewater and Freljord both gain 15 points on the BoP and 10 Favor. Ionia and SI both lose this amount of BoP.
  • Week 2 (9/6-7): Bilgewater gains 15 BoP and 10 Favor. Freljord loses these amounts. Si gains 10 BoP and 5 Favor. Ionia loses the same amount of BoP, but gains 5 favor for going 1-2.
  • Week 3 (9/13-14): Everyone gains 5 Favor since both sets were 2-1. Bilgewater and Freljord both had +10 Military for 3 weeks which has since expired.
  • Week 4 (9/20-21): Bilgewater and Ionia both gain +15 BoP and a one time boost of 100 Research points for going 3-0 against Freljord and Shadow Isles respectively. Freljord and SI both lost 15 BoP.
  • Week 5 (9/27-28): Bilgewater is the primary exploratory force on the first expedition to Nyroth. Ionia got to tag along due to going 1-2. Freljord got BIllius Bobonius as a result of going 2-1, but Shadow Isles managed to glean enough information to know how to contact Nyrothian souls.
  • Week 6 (10/4-5): Bilgewater gain 10 Favor and 5 BoP while SI loses the equivalent amount of BoP. Freljord gains 15 Favor and 10 BoP for going 3-0 while Ionia loses the equivalent amount of BoP.
  • Week 7 (10/11-12): Freljord and BIlgewater both gain 5 favor and a +10 to industry for three weeks. Ionia and SI both gain 5 favor.
  • Week 8 (10/18-19); This weekend’s matches will be primarily BoP with a secondary prize of Favor.

The BoP will hopeful be updated by tonight with the other prizes allocated when required. If you have any comments or concerns about this, comment below or ask me in Factions chat. Now for part two.


There are two systems through which a faction can advance: research and industry. Research is already been established, so where does industry play in? Industrial Projects are projects that a faction is innately capable of doing. For instance, lets say Noxus wants to build a Dravendome, staring Draven being Draven with a lead-in by Dunkmaster Darius. Noxus could easily make that with time, but they don’t need to research or know anything more than they already do to be capable of doing it. So, basically, research is something new. Industry is using the current to make something and it has to be physical in some way. You can’t get quantum tunneling through industry.

Why do I bring this up? Well, while a great deal of effort went into the research system, the industry projects sort of fell by the wayside and thus there isn’t any thing planned. It is mostly going to be unaffected by the danger roll and might not have huge impact on the story. Here’s the page for industry.

However,  we don’t want to drop industry entirely. So here’s the plan. Below is a form. You may submit a potential industry project idea for your faction. It doesn’t have to be hugely thought out or anything. Around the same time the research votes are closed, I’ll look at the suggestions, pick the best reasonable project ideas, make them fit, and then make a poll with them. That poll will run while I’m doing research rolls. After research is done, the winning project of each faction will be rolled on the industry system. Put all suggestions here.

If no submissions are received, then industry will be divided by 10 and then the faction will gain that amount of commerce which is fairly boring.  So please submit things.

As always, if you have any comments or concerns, comment below or ask me in League chat.

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3 comments on “Previous Featured Match Rewards and Industry System
  1. StormRevolver says:

    soo if this was the reward for the featureds why did bilgewater get the extra? :)

  2. CupcakeTrap says:

    One clarification: Favor shouldn’t be lost for FMs. BoP must stay zero-sum, but Favor is different.

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