League Petition voting now open!

Now with quantum phasing. It’s both there and not there at the same time!

After much waiting, here are the petition voting forms below. Ionia and Shadow Isles also have the option of Aatrox available to them due to their lackluster performance thus far in the arc.

So here’s how it’s going to work. These polls will last until Friday night after research rolls are done. After the votes are counted up, there will be a quick poll to determine if you oppose or support any other faction’s petition(can support/oppose only one petition per faction). Once that’s done, all the petition rolls will begin. All successful petitions with a specific thing in mind(a new champion for example) will have a poll that lasts until the featured matches for that faction this weekend for maximum exposure.

While industry is still being worked out, the rolls for this week and last week will still be done. As always, comment below if you have an opinion.

Edit: Since there’s some concerns about this weekend and champions gained, I’ll clarify. This is independent of this weekend’s prizes and the results of the petition will be used in said matches.

Current favor balance for each faction(With a range up to +20/-20 depending on two dice rolls that will be done):

  • Bilgewater: 95
  • Ionia: 70
  • Freljord 90
  • Shadow Isles 70

Furthermore, there is some concern over how the champion prizes will work. If a faction goes 2-1, They can gain a secondary champion immediately, or have their next petition for a tertiary champion boosted by a large amount, say 60%. The 1-2 faction will gain a small boost for their secondary and tertiary champion petitions, about 25%. If a faction goes 3-0, they may immediately pick any tertiary or secondary champion available to them. This is obviously limited to Udyr for Freljord and Ionia. Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles will vote on a poll created after the matches are done.

Edit part 2: Also, a reminder that nemesis champions are available to be picked as secondary champion pickups and they are as follows,

  • Brand: He will fight against Freljord. Available to Bilgewater, Ionia, and Shadow Isles.
  • Lucian: He will fight against Shadow Isles. Available to Ionia and Freljord.(Bilgewater is not on good terms with Demacia.)
  • Syndra: She will fight against Ionia. Available to Bilgewater, Freljord, and Shadow Isles.
  • Zed: He will fight against Ionia. Available to BIlgewater, Freljord, and Shadow Isles.

Though at first, they’ll only fight against their specific faction,however, through lore events, discoveries, and general occurrences throughout the arc, they may be persuaded or be willing to fight against other factions. Obviously more of these opportunities will be available the earlier you pick them.

And once again, this will be closed on Friday night in order for the other forms to have some time. Spread the word if you would kindly.

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8 comments on “League Petition voting now open!
  1. well if freljord gets lucian every other faction’s bot lane is pretty much screwed by the braum lucian combo

  2. 501stbigmike says:

    I think the Mortal Bargin option for Shadow Isles isn’t complete in its description. It reads:

    Which petitions would you be willing to use Mortal Bargin for? *
    The Shadow Isles may not burn favor, Instead, Mortal Bargin allows you to roll twice and take the better result; however, doing so

    It ends there and just goes on to list the options. Can you finish the sentence so we know what the downside is?

  3. ChroniclerC says:

    Hey Nagga, for clarification, if a faction were to (successfully) petition for something that might affect the Featured Matches this weekend, would it?

    • ChroniclerC says:

      Also: How do we view our current Favor totals?

    • naggarok says:

      It would hence why everything will be considered done by Noon on Saturday(PST).

      Favor totals will be shown when the rolls are done because two rolls which can each increase or decrease up to 10 will be done. I’ll say what they are currently though. Bilgewater is 95, Ionia and SI are 70 and Freljord is 90.

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